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Best Hat for Your Face Shape

Best Hat for Your Face Shape

12th Oct 2020

Best Hat For Your Face Shape Picking the perfect hat may seem overwhelming, especially considering the many hat styles available. If you've tried on what feels like dozens of hat styles with no success, you may want to consider your face shape to help you choose a hat. Below, you'll learn more about different face shapes and how to choose a hat based on your facial features. Indicators to Help Determine Your Face Shape Knowing your face shape can help you figure out anything from the most
How to Clean a White Hat

How to Clean a White Hat

26th Aug 2020

How To Clean A White HatA vivid white hat is fun, fresh and bold. You can be as careful as possible with your white accessory, but stains happen. And they'll ruin your stylish white hat, making it dingy or discolored. A stain doesn't mean it's time to put your white cap away for good, though. It's possible to clean a white hat and revive it to its previous stylish self.Before you toss your hat in the washer and dryer, know that cleaning a white hat is a simple, but often delicate, process. Learn
How to Stretch a Hat

How to Stretch a Hat

22nd Jul 2020

How To Stretch A Hat Few things in this life are more disappointing than receiving an awesome new hat, only to put it on and realize the hat is too tight. Don't take it personally — each head is unique and not every hat will fit every shape, regardless of an adjustable strap. In fact, the average head size for a male has increased by 2 centimeters to about 59 centimeters over the last few years. This means that hats that used to fit the average head size are now snug and sometimes even too pai

New Stetson Hats Available!

22nd Sep 2017

New Stetson Hats AvailableHere at we are always updating our selection of brands and hats to keep current with the demand of what people want and are looking for. Ever since we opened our first Hat Store in 1994, Stetson Hats have been a common request. While we've always carried a small selection in our hat shops, we now have an expanded opportunity to carry even more on our website.Stetson Hats was founded in 1865 by John B. Stetson and was started with his iconic "

The Best Hats for Havasupai!

Posted by Libero Gruppioni on 22nd Aug 2016

The Best Hats For Havasupai A little over a week ago now I had the incredible experience of visiting the Havasupai Indian Reservation with a select group of 8 friends for 4 days.  Let me start by saying that If you've never heard of this place, look it up, it is a veritable paradise. Between the Arizona heat, the 70 degree turquoise blue water, lush foliage, and cascading waterfalls you'll feel like you've been transported to a tropical island somewhere. But to be fair, it's not al

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