Mens Fedoras

Mens Fedora Hats

From the late 1890s to the 1950s, the fedora was THE hat to have for men. With an indented crown and characteristic “pinch” near the front on both sides, this hat style is pretty instantly recognizable. Many confuse it with a trilby – which typically has a sharp, slightly short crown and short brim tucked up just at the back – but the two styles are not one and the same. Whether wide or short brim; made of wool felt, straw, or leather this classic hat truly stands the test of time. Pair a stingy brim with a suave suit like Frank Sinatra or dress down in a wide western brim with jeans like Johnny Depp. For the Indiana Jones type, we offer a huge selection of packable and water-resistant styles. In general, the only rule when styling is a man’s brim should be roughly proportionate to his shoulders. But on that note, rock a feathered Stetson fedora like Bruno Mars or choose from our wide selection of quality name brands like Bigalli, Scala, Country Gentleman, and Henschel.




Henschel - Bone Fedora


The Henschel bone-color fedora is a classic shape made of durable and lightweight polypropylene. This material is resistant to crushing and retains shape quite well. Slightly wider and with just a little shorter of a crown this is a style that will look...


Henschel - Brown Fedora


The Henschel brown fedora is a great looking style that is lightweight and durable. It features a two tone band with brown on the bottom half and olive-green stripes on top. Made of 100% Polypropylene, it can be crushed and will hold it's shape well. The...

Conner Hats

Conner - Soho Fedora


The Conner Soho Fedora is made from the best Australian wool with a beautiful satin lining in the inside and comes with a cotton pouch and sweatband. This modern style crushable fedora has a slight up-brim style with a 2" brim and 4.5" crown. This...