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Mens Ivy Caps & Flat Caps

Mens Ivy Caps

With a rounded, low crown and a short stiff brim, flat caps (and their rounder, harder cousins the ascot cap) have been around for nearly 700 years. Flat caps were not just a symbol of the working man in Britain; the style was also donned for leisure by the upper class. They soon grew to be ubiquitously popular with both young men and old, rich and poor, academics and athletes because of their unique combo of functionality and style. Over the years these hats have gone through many variations and even more names. Whether you call them ivy caps, duckbill caps, Gatsby caps, coppolas, bonnets, or newsboys, this hat is a distinguished addition to any man’s wardrobe. It lends a polished style where baseball caps would be inappropriate and with great brands like Kangol, Henschel, Scala, and Stetson, you can’t go wrong.