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Elope Hats

Elope - Knit Santa Hat


The Elope Knit Santa Hat is a 100% wool and all character style. Featuring a white band of wool around the lower portion of the hat that scales vertically into red and "T"'s into two separate legs with large white pom-poms at their ends. This is a great...

Elope Hats

Elope - Elf With Ears Hat


Get your inner elf on with the Elope Elf with Ears Hat. Featuring soft fabric all around the style, the immediate crown is green with jester-like ridges and bells at their apexes. On the sides are two oversized furry elf-ears and the top is made of same...

Elope Hats

Elope - Leprechaun Hat


The Elope leprechaun hat is the perfect sized novelty hat for the occasion. Almost like a Mad Hatter topper, it is clad in irish green with upturned edges for flair and a great leprechaun buckle around the base of the crown. An internal elasticized size...

Elope Hats

Elope - The Gobbler Hat


The Elope gobbler turkey hat is a great way to put some smiles on the faces of your family this Thanksgiving! It is every bit as good as the picture makes it look. As an added feature there is an elasticized size adjuster on the inside for the perfect...


Scala - Boater Hat


The classic boater hat! It's most commonly seen on gondoliers and on men in a barbershop quartets, but it's a great style to class up your look.  It is made of 10/11 mm laichow braid and has a 24-ligne striped grosgrain band...

Elope Hats

Elope - Admiral Bicorn Hat


Don't let anyone doubt the chain of command. If you are wearing the admirals hat, you have the final word. The Elope Admiral Bicorn is a nicely appointed hat with gold braid and ribbon embellishments. The brim of the hat has a wire all around it so you...

Elope Hats

Elope - British Bobby Hat


This helmet is typical of the helmets worn by the "bobby on the beat", the foot patrols in England and Wales. The formed EVA helemt is covered in a black suede-like material and there are silver embellishments of a crest, hatband, and ventilation eyelets...

Elope Hats

Elope - Spartan Hat


Summon the Spartan spirit as they were world renown for their military strength, skill and ferocity. This particular helmet is made of polyester and cotton on the headpiece and is pressed EVA finished with embossin on the faceguards. It is fabric lined...

Elope Hats

Elope - Robin Hood Hat


Gather ye Merry Men and of to Sherwood forest with you. The story of this legendary outlaw who takes from the rich and gives to the poor has been told since medieval times. Made of textured suede like material which gives it a worn rustic appearance,...