Outdoor Hats

Outdoor Hats

What constitutes an outdoor hat? Technically speaking, hats were created to provide protection from the elements and therefore most hats could be considered an "outdoor hat". In this categoryhowever, we have specifically sought out hats with larger brims and more full protection that your average baseball cap to be worn when hiking, boating, fishing, beaching and anywhere that the sun is going to be beating on you for long periods of time. These hats are chosen because they offer UPF protection, have larger than average brims, or give 360 protection for your neck, ears, and nose. With our selection of outdoor styles here you can have fun in the sun while looking sharp doing it.


Scala - Rain Bucket


The Scala rain bucket is a soft, water repellent poplin rain hat. While standing in the stream casting for the perfect fish you should be wearing this hat covered in your favorite flies. It has 4 stitched air vents, grosgrain ribbon trim. This hat is...