Wool Felt Hats

Whether you're attending a wedding, going out with friends for the night or working around your property, you'll find that wool felt hats provide the perfect accessory for making your day easier. They can shade you from the heat in the summer and keep your head warm throughout winter. They can dress your wardrobe up or down. You can find a wool felt hat to match any mood, and you'll always enjoy wearing it, as these accessories are created from soft, comfortable materials.

You can make your own rules for wool felt hats. Wear them with jeans, a crisp suit or a summery linen shirt. The only thing you need to successfully wear this hat is confidence.

Conner Hats

Conner - Soho Fedora


Unsure of what a Dropship item is? Click this link so you are fully informed prior to your purchase!  The Conner Soho Fedora is made from the best Australian wool with a beautiful satin lining in the inside and comes with a cotton...