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Best Hat For Your Face Shape

Picking the perfect hat may seem overwhelming, especially considering the many hat styles available. If you've tried on what feels like dozens of hat styles with no success, you may want to consider your face shape to help you choose a hat. Below, you'll learn more about different face shapes and how to choose a hat based on your facial features.

what is my face shape

Indicators to Help Determine Your Face Shape

Knowing your face shape can help you figure out anything from the most flattering haircut to the best pair of glasses and the best hat styles for you. But what shape is your face? That can be a bit tricky if you've never thought about it before. And even if you have, you may not know what category you fall under.

As you're determining your face shape, it may help to break it down into three parts. Consider these aspects of your head to help categorize the shape:

  • The widest part: Consider whether the widest part of your face is across your cheekbones, your forehead or your jawline. Inspecting this measurement can point to a specific face shape more than looking at your head overall.
  • The jawline: Take a look at the shape of your jawline, as that will put you in different face shape categories. Consider whether you have a strong jawline or if it's less noticeable, along with the shape of your chin.
  • The length: This is a simpler consideration as you determine your face shape. The length of your head factors your forehead down to your chin. You don't need an exact measurement. Simply look at your face and decide whether it's long, short or in the middle.

face shape

What Shape Is Your Face?

Every face is unique, but there are face shapes that you could fit into, or you may fall under more than one category. If you're unsure, it may be helpful to ask someone else to examine your face and identify what shape they think it is. Consider these face shapes to see if yours fits under a particular category or a combination:


It's easy to recognize an elongated face because it's longer than it is wide. While this shape is fairly easy to determine, you could have features from other face shapes mixed in. A face that combines long and round features is oval, while one that combines long and square features is rectangular. If you have a long face, you may have:

  • A subtle chin and jawline: A long face often has rounded and soft features, unless it's rectangular. Soft features may make it challenging to differentiate from a round head, but the length is the key factor to consider.
  • A wider forehead: In an oval face, the forehead is typically the widest part. The cheekbones could be a similar width, but that isn't always the case. A rectangular face is wide across the forehead, cheekbones and jawline. Again, the length of the face is key.


One of the key features of a round face is a shorter length, and the cheekbones are usually the widest point of the face. Other possible qualities of a round face include:

  • Symmetry: If you have a round face, you likely have a similar distance across the widest point of your face and down the length. You don't need to measure and see if these numbers are the same. Take a look to see if you notice approximate symmetry.
  • Subtle cheekbones: With a round face, there usually isn't much definition to the cheekbones. While they're the widest part of a round face, they aren't particularly sharp or high.
  • Few angles: From the cheekbones to the jawline, a round face doesn't have too many angular features. If there are any angles, they're likely to be softer and more subtle. The chin is typically rounded and less noticeable.


Taking a look at your jawline is the key to seeing if you have a square face. A square face can have the same symmetry across the width and length as a round face, or it can have the characteristic length of a long face. You'll know if you have a square face if you also have:

  • Similar widths: A square face often has the same width across the forehead, cheeks and jawline. That symmetry creates straighter lines along the sides of the face than you'd see in a round or oval face.
  • A pronounced jawline: A pronounced jawline is the giveaway for a square face. A square face often has wide angles at the sides of the jawline that lead to an angled or more subtle chin.
  • Minimal curves: While a round face has few angles, a square face has few curves. A square face could have striking cheekbones along with a sharp, angular jawline.


A heart-shaped face has similar features to a round shape. In fact, heart shapes sometimes resemble a combination of round and square faces. Determine if you have a heart-shaped face by checking if you have these features:

  • A wider forehead: A prominent forehead is one of the most characteristic features of this face shape. In a heart shape, the forehead is either the widest point of the face or similar to the cheekbones.
  • A slender jawline: The jawline is less pronounced in a heart-shaped face, unlike a square shape. That's why the cheeks and forehead are the wider parts of the face, just as the top of a heart is wider than the pointed bottom.
  • An angled chin: A heart shape narrows as it goes from the forehead to the chin. Those with heart-shaped faces may have a more prominent chin than other face shapes.


A diamond face is somewhat similar to a heart shape and can either have long or round proportions across the width and length. If you aren't sure if you have a heart-shaped face or a diamond shape, consider the qualities of a diamond face shape:

  • Narrow features: A diamond-shaped face has a narrow chin and a narrow forehead. That creates the effect that a diamond has of a pointed top and bottom.
  • Wide cheekbones: Like a round face, the cheekbones are the widest part of a diamond-shaped face. The main difference could be that in a diamond shape, the cheekbones are more prominent or sit high.

How to Choose a Hat That Will Complement Your Face Shape

With a better idea of your features, you can select the right hat for your face shape. Picking the best hats for your face shape can accentuate certain features while bringing balance to your face. At the end of the day, you should wear the hat styles you enjoy. But if you need inspiration, consider how to choose a hat for your face shape with these options:

hats for long faces

Hats for Long Faces

If you'd like to minimize the length of your face, use hats with brims that cut across the forehead. The appropriate brim can minimize the length of your face, if that's your goal. Hats for long faces include:

  • Wide brims: Sunhats, straw hats and other hats with wide brims suit a long face. Select one with a brim that fits across your forehead to diminish the look of an elongated face, if that's what you want from your hat.
  • Cowboy hats: If you've got a Southern style, you're in luck. Cowboy hats suit elongated features with their slight height and a wide brim. Situate the hat across your forehead for a result that complements your features.
  • Trapper hats: Stay warm with a trapper hat if you have an elongated face. Because this style has flaps on the sides of your head, it balances the features of a long face. Select a style that fits snuggly on your head and isn't too tall.

With a long face on the oval side, you have practically unlimited hat options. As long as the hats aren't too tall, they can be great hats for oval faces.

Hats for Round Faces

People with round faces may feel they have to search for a hat for a "fat" face, but that's not true. All they need is a hat for smooth features. There are a few options to consider, with the best hats for a round face being:

  • Fedoras: Fedoras feature angular details and a shallow crown. Those elements, along with a narrow brim, help downplay the symmetrical, smooth features of a round face.
  • Angled caps: Get unique styles with angled caps that suit round faces. There are hats options other than fedoras that have angled elements to contrast your smooth features, like a Panama hat.
  • Beanies: Bundle up for winter in a beanie if you have a round face. A beanie exposes more of your face than other hats do, letting you add balance to your rounded features. Wear your beanie set back on your head to reveal more of your face and create a longer look. You could also select one with a pompom on top to elongate your face.

hats for square faces

Hats for Square Faces

With a square face, the goal is usually to play down the angular features with smooth and rounded accents. If you need a hat for a square face, consider these options:

  • Floppy hats: Add softer features to a square face with accessories like floppy hats. Sunhats also fall under this category, giving you both a fashionable touch and a bit of shade.
  • Wide brims: As long as the brim of a hat is rounded, it can suit a square face. You'll find wide brim hats in anything from masculine options to feminine styles.
  • Cloches: These hats have a rounded look from the crown to the brim. The vintage look of a cloche hat is a fun accent that softens a square face.

Hats for Heart-Shaped Faces

You may want to avoid a narrow crown if you have a heart shape with prominent cheekbones. If you have subtle cheekbones, select a slightly structured hat that gets a bit narrow toward the top to balance a narrow chin. With that in mind, hats for heart-shaped faces include:

  • Baseball caps: Baseball caps are the perfect complement to heart-shaped features. With the brim in the front of your face, you won't have to worry about adding width on the sides. Baseball caps have a fitted crown, as well, that makes them a subtle addition to your proportions.
  • Newsboy caps: These flat hats don't add too much width to your face. The slight angle and straight lines on the brim create symmetry with the angles in your jawline. If you're going for a vintage style and have a heart-shaped face, flat caps could be for you.
  • Fedoras: Fedoras have small brims and a slimmer profile than other hats. That means this option can help maintain balance in your proportions from your forehead to your chin. The pointed top of a fedora also creates symmetry with prominent chins in heart-shaped faces.
  • Thin-knit beanies: A thin-knit material will keep you warm, but it won't add too much bulk to the top of your head. A heart-shaped head's widest point is at the top, so you can downplay it with a thinner hat.

hats for diamond faces

Hats for Diamond-Shaped Faces

When you wear hats for a diamond-shaped face, you may want to adjust them to sit slightly back on your head. That'll help maintain the proportions between your forehead and your jawline. Whether you can wear your hat like that will depend on the type you wear. Hats for diamond-shaped faces include:

  • Flat caps: If you have a narrow forehead that you'd like to draw attention away from, use a flat cap or pork pie hat to add width. You don't need to wear these hats set back on your head. Wear a flat cap as usual to contrast a narrow chin.
  • Wide-brimmed fedoras: These stylish fedoras are meant to be worn set back on your head, ideal for this face shape. The wide brim will add more width to the top of your head, contrasting nicely with a narrow jawline.
  • Outback hats: These hats are somewhat similar to a wide-brimmed fedora, but you don't have to wear them set back on your head. An outback hat features a narrow crown, which will maintain your face's proportions.
  • Beanies: With a diamond-shaped face, you can keep your head warm in the winter with a beanie. Set the beanie back on your head or pick a slouchy style that naturally wears that way.

Hats to Avoid Based on Your Face Shape

Picking a hat for your head shape still gives you plenty to select from, and the best hats for your face are just the beginning of your options. To make your decision easier, learn what hats you should avoid based on the shape of your face. Again, feel free to wear whatever type of hat you enjoy. But if you're looking to create balance in your face or downplay some of your features, consider hats to avoid based on your face shape:

hats to avoid

Hats to Avoid for Long Faces

If you have an elongated face and don't want to draw attention to it, you have a few hat types and qualities you may want to avoid:

  • Tall hats: Avoid tall hats or styles like beanies if you have a long face. A beanie, especially one that sits off the head, will lengthen your features.
  • Shallow crowns: A tall hat with a shallow crown, like a fedora, dips in at the top. The result is a hat that will make your elongated features look longer.
  • Short brims: If your hat has a brim that's too short, it will emphasize the length of your face. A longer brim provides balance, but a short brim may create too much contrast with a long face.

Hats to Avoid for Round Faces

Because the best hats for a round face feature angles, hats to avoid are those with round features. If you have a round face, you may not want to wear:

  • Round hats: A rounded hat, like a cloche, may play up your round features. That's fine if you want to emphasize the rounded shape of your face, but if you're looking for balance, turn to angles instead.
  • Floppy brims: Because your face has round features already, you don't need to add smooth shapes with a hat. Avoid curved brims, especially ones that flop over and overshadow your smaller features.

square faces

Hats to Avoid for Square Faces

A square face is fairly symmetrical from top to bottom, so you may want to maintain that symmetry and downplay the angles. When it comes to hats to avoid for a square head, there are two main qualities to steer clear of:

  • Angles: Stay away from angular elements, like what fedoras have. Wearing a hat with angles will highlight the angles in your face. While that'll be good if you want to strengthen your angular features, it's not the right choice if you're going for a softer look.
  • Narrow crowns: A hat that becomes narrow at the top won't create enough balance with the jawline of a square face. Fedoras fall under this category, as well, so they may be hats to avoid if you have a square face.

Hats to Avoid for Heart-Shaped Faces

Because the widest point of a heart-shaped face is near the top of the head, you may want to avoid hats that accentuate that area. Features and hats like these aren't ideal if you have a heart-shaped face:

  • Wide brims: Because heart-shaped faces are widest at the top, you don't want to add more width with a wide-brim hat. Keep the brim the same width or narrower than your cheekbones for the best balance.
  • Thick-knit hats: While thinner beanies are fine, remember not to add too much bulk with your hat if you want to downplay your face shape. A beanie with knitted accents or a folded band can emphasize the look of a wider forehead.

diamond shaped faces

Hats to Avoid for Diamond-Shaped

A diamond face has a natural balance between the top and the bottom. Because of that symmetry, you'll want to avoid hats that are large and dramatic or that alter your features' proportions. Avoid hats with these features if you have a diamond-shaped head:

  • Brims across your forehead: While these hats are good for a long face, they disrupt your face's natural symmetry between your chin and forehead. If you have a narrow forehead, these styles also may not fit you correctly.
  • Floppy brims: Wide, floppy brims can overwhelm the narrower shape of your face. You could try wearing them set back on your head, but the floppy brim style may make that challenging.

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Find the Perfect Hat for Your Face Shape at Hats Unlimited

Picking a hat for your head should be a fun dive into an array of options. At Hats Unlimited, we have over 1,000 styles to choose from, so you're sure to find the right hat for your face shape. We prioritize value and service to give you the best possible experience as you explore our hat styles, and we'd be happy to help you find your perfect hat.

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