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Men's Bucket & Boonie Hats

Mens Bucket Hats

Invented in the 1900s as a purely functional hat worn by Irish farmers, the bucket hat was probably never meant to be a fashion item. The wide, downward-sloping brim kept the rain off and its softness meant it could be rolled to fit into a pocket and easily washed. Lightweight and durable, this hat moved from the heads of soldiers in WWII and Vietnam straight into civilian use for sports like fishing and hiking. 

Perhaps best remembered on the head of Gilligan from "Gilligan’s Island," this utilitarian headwear remained pretty firmly out of the fashion limelight until now. This hat has become extremely popular in recent years both among hikers and hipsters as a 90s nostalgia item. Whether it’s in military-style drab or bright colors and prints straight from the runway, bucket hats are your go-to choice for comfy, packable summer wear. Quality brands like AdamsDorfman PacificKooringal and Stetson have you covered with selections that will last for seasons to come.


About Men's Bucket and Boonie Hats

Men's boonie and bucket hats are some of the most practical and low-maintenance options on the market. Most bucket and boonie hat varieties offer an incredibly durable and comfortable construction that you can wear all day while enjoying convenient sun and rain protection. From bucket hats with strings to tactical boonie hats, our selection encompasses an array of needs.

Whether you need a hat for long days of fishing, hiking or simply strolling through nature, Hats Unlimited can outfit you with the perfect tactical boonie hat. Wherever you take your adventures, we have a hat that can keep up.
For more information on individual hat benefits, browse our men's boonie and bucket hats above.

Our Collection

At Hats Unlimited, we understand that style and utility can go hand in hand. That's why we offer dozens of options from leading brands such as ScalaHenschelTilley and more. Whether you prefer a more structured style or would rather opt for an extreme condition hat that offers full-coverage protection, we have the right solutions for you.

You can choose from bucket hats with string or a simple style. Our men's boonie hats are available in the following major style categories:
  • Bucket hats with string
  • Roll-up bucket hats
  • Extreme condition hats
  • Rain bucket hats
  • Ventilated bucket hats
  • Weathered bucket hats
  • Camouflaged boonie hats
If you see a boonie or bucket hat that you love but isn't available on our site, simply reach out to us to see if we have it available in our physical store. 

Why Opt for Men's Boonie Hats?

Bucket and boonie hats are incredibly functional and durable. You can easily roll them up and store them without causing damage or noticeable creasing. Wear these men's hat styles anywhere thanks to a comfortable fit that you won't want to take off. 

Providing excellent sun protection is just another benefit of these versatile hats. Bucket and boonie hats will help protect from UV rays and provide cool shade during long days on the trail or water. Browse our products to learn more about each individual hat's benefits.

Why Order From Hats Unlimited?

Hats Unlimited is a family-owned and operated company that strives for customer satisfaction like no other hat retailer. You can count on us for all of your hat needs. Purchase your men's boonie hats today!