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Womens Hats

For a woman, style can be as important as functionality; here at Hats Unlimited we strive to achieve both those goals by offering a wide variety of hat types, sizes and looks. Everything from sun hats, floppy brim hats, fedora’s or baseball caps, we have everything you are looking for all in one place.  

We offer a large assortment of the absolute best hat brands, including Kooringal, Jeanne Simmons, Dorfman Pacific and Stampede Hats. With our choices, there are an Unlimited number of options to fit whatever your needs are.
Are you looking for Men's Hats? We sell an equally large assortment of fantastic men's hats.

Hats From Hats Unlimited

Hat styles for women have varied throughout the years, keeping with the ever changing fashion trends. Adding into the mix, the functionality of a well crafted hat, finding the right hat can be quite a task. Hat trends have changed from the early 1920’s cloche hats to include many different styles. Unisex hats that round out both men’s and women’s styles are incredibly prominent. As UPF protection becomes more of a necessity, the demand for large brim sun hats continues to grow. 

Style and fashion continues to set the trend, making the large brim floppy hats and smaller fedora’s an everyday wear; Unique styles of hats are everywhere, but rarely does one notice the different styles of hats until they are specifically looking. A good hat can make or break an outfit, making it one of the most important fashion choices. The categories listed are carefully crafted to help make that decision easier and to provide you with the highest assortment of hats out there so your options are truly Unlimited.

What Is a Women's Hat? 

Women's hats are hats made for women, though women often wear hats made for men, too. Ladies hats tend to be sized smaller and have different styles than men's hats, which helps them fit better and appeal to women shoppers. But there's no standard design, color or materials for women's hats. They vary just as much as men's, and you can use them for various purposes. 

Women's hats can be cute, fun and unique. They may reflect what's popular in fashion or serve a practical purpose, but either way, they liven up an outfit. Wearing a hat is enjoyable and makes a woman stand out from others. Hats can feel empowering and even contribute to our cultural conversation. 

Often, women choose hats based on what appeals to their sense of style or for more practical purposes, such as wearing a women's ball cap to protect their eyes from the sun while they watch a baseball game. You can find women's hats for every occasion, though, so whether you want a hat for a formal outing or a day at the beach, they are a great investment to help you stand out. 

What Types of Hats for Women Are Available From Hats Unlimited?

Hats Unlimited has an extensive selection of ladies hats to suit every style and every mood. Our hats include casual caps and formal fedoras, as well as everything in between. We know everyone has different tastes, so we try to provide hats that will match up with whatever yours is. 
We only stock high-quality hats that will stand up to repeated use because we know you want to wear your hat all the time. Our many kinds of hats for women include: 
  • Cowboy hats. 
  • Baseball caps. 
  • Fedoras.
  • Visors.
  • Trucker caps. 
  • Golf hats.

What Is the Purpose of a Women's Hat? 

Women have worn hats since the Renaissance, and while they have served many different purposes throughout history, the main reason women wear hats is for fashion. They enjoy showing their personalities by dressing up in hats that match their outfits or that are an outrageous distraction. 

Hats can also have practical purposes, like protecting your face or eyes from the sun or keeping hair out of your face. Many women like wearing caps or visors when they run or participate in sports, too. 

Why Order From Hats Unlimited? 

Hats Unlimited has an outstanding selection of hats for men, women and children, and we feature more than 1,000 styles. We offer competitive pricing and excellent value, and our customers appreciate our attention to detail. 

Browse our many different styles of hats from the world's top manufacturers, then place an order for women's hats today.