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Men's Leather Hats

Leather Hats

One of the most important crafts of the ancient world was leather tanning. Perfect for everything from tents to sandals, leather was hard-wearing, flexible, and protective. It’s no wonder that one of the oldest hats ever found was made of sheepskin leather dating back to the 4th century BC. Today, brands like Henschel, Stetson, and Conner bring you unmatched durability and time-tested style. Whether you are dressing up or downwe have a handsome selection of flat caps, fedoras, outback, and western-style hats in genuine and faux leathers.
Wide Collection of Genuine Men's Leather Hats
Our company's goal is to bring variety to your personal wardrobe. As you browse through our collection of men's leather hats online from family-owned Hats Unlimited, you'll see a variety of styles that are useful for a range of looks and occasions. 

Men's Leather Outback Hats

The quintessential Australian Outback hat has a characteristic look that says "Down Under" all over. With its wide brim dipped down in front and back, an Outback hat shields you from the elements fashionably and affordably. 

Many Outback hats are moderately adorned with handsome embellishments such as woven leather cords and snaps where the crown and brim meet. You'll find that with regular wear, your men's leather Outback hat will begin to conform perfectly to your head and take on even richer tones.

An Outback hat is the ideal accessory for casual moments and laid-back business events.

Men's Leather Driving Caps

Somewhat reminiscent of a modified baseball cap, the driving cap or flat cap has a firm, rounded crown and an extremely small front brim. A leather driving cap should fit snugly over your head and provide a bit of eye protection from glaring sunlight.

Men's caps are worn around the world, and they are preferred by many gentlemen who want a hat that stands out but provides less coverage than an Outback hat or fedora. You can comfortably wear your driving cap just about anywhere, although it's quite at home when you're taking it easy but still want to look stylish.

Men's Leather Fedora Hats

The fedora continues to be a bestseller generation after generation. Perhaps best recognized for its deep dent or dimple in the perfectly molded crown, the fedora provides great coverage and exudes sophistication.

Choose a men's leather fedora when you want to be noticed, whether during an evening out or when strolling into the workplace. Fedoras and corporate attire mix and match beautifully, although a fedora can be worn with slightly more casual and trendy outfits, too.

Men's Leather Safari Hats

Looking for a way to spice up your wardrobe and add a little fun to your everyday outfits? Men's leather safari hats are designed to be practical, eye-catching conversation-starters.

The safari hat's wide brim is typically secured on one side to the crown, creating a flattering, asymmetrical appearance. Adorned with leather cord and band around the base of the crown, the safari hat sends out an air of ruggedness and confidence. At the same time, it saves your hair and face from both excessive sun and rain.

Men's Leather Baseball Caps

If you're someone who wears baseball caps wherever you go and want some versatility out of the look, pick up a men's leather baseball hat. Leather versions allow you to upgrade any look instantly without losing the sporty element of a classic fabric baseball hat.

Remember that no matter what type of men's leather hat you need, Hats Unlimited has you — and your head — covered.