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A women’s Fascinator is a type of headpiece designed as a form of lightweight knitted head covering. Since the early 1990s, the term was transformed to refer to a type of formal head-wear that was worn as an alternative to the traditional hat. Typically, a Fascinator headpiece features a large decorative design attached to a headband or a clip to attach to another headpiece, oftentimes including a base to emulate a regular ladieshat. Fascinators are a great way to accent any formal outfit and really show off your sense of style.

The Fascinator 

Today, Fascinators are typically worn when it is acceptable for hats to be worn, sometimes adding to your evening attire. Generally a Fascinator is worn with cocktail or formal attire. They can also be seen quite frequently in church settings, especially weddings. Fascinators are considered bigger than barrettes, and are made with an assortment of feathers, cloth flowers or beads and are attached to the hair by comb, headband or clip. A very popular setting to find these styles of hats would be horse races, as they are commonly worn at events such as the Kentucky Derby. In the early 2010’s the term coined the “Hatinator” is used to describe a Fascinator that has the appearance of both a traditional hat and traditional Fascinator. These styles of hat’s cover the entire head, instead of just part of the head, yet still boast the accessories you would find from a Fascinator on its own.

How to Choose a Fascinator Hat or Headband

If you've never worn a women's Fascinator before, you might wonder where to start. All the Fascinators we sell at Hats Unlimited are exquisite and unique. Below is information on how to pick the Fascinator that will work best for you:

  • Evaluate the occasion: What special event is coming up that calls for a Fascinator? Is it a wedding? Milestone anniversary party? Upscale fundraiser? Red carpet gala? Some Fascinators are a little more whimsical or light-hearted than others, so considering the mood of the occasion will help you narrow down your Fascinator choices.
  • Consider your outfit: Have you already purchased the outfit you'll wear with your new Fascinator headband or hat? The color scheme and patterning should direct you to the right Fascinator. For instance, formal Fascinators with lace in neutral palettes can match with just about any attire. On the other hand, a boldly colored or printed fabric Fascinator may be best-suited for a dress or pantsuit in a complementary color.
  • Plan out your hairstyle: Women's Fascinators can be worn with just about any type of hairstyles from up-dos to flowing, loose curls. Nevertheless, some Fascinators look best when paired with certain hairstyles. Additionally, Fascinator headbands are appealing if your hair is very short or you want to use the Fascinator to pull the hair back to expose your features.

Tips for Attaching a Women's Fascinator

One of the biggest questions many shoppers have after buying a Fascinator is how to secure it onto their heads. The good news is that there are many ways to ensure your favorite Fascinator doesn't slip or slide out of place when you're dancing or moving around:

  • Use the headband: The fastest go-to option if you like a no-fuss solution is to choose a Fascinator with an attached headband. The headband will instantly help your Fascinator stay in place and remain evenly balanced on your head. If you find that you still want a little extra support, you can always use hair-colored clips or larger bobby pins to keep the headband where you want it.
  • Rely on bobby pins: You may want to stock up on a supply of bobby pins, especially if you intend to tilt your Fascinator on the side of your head or over part of your face and forehead. Bobby pins come in a variety of hues, so pick the ones that will blend in with both the Fascinator hat and your hair. A good rule of thumb is to play around with attaching your Fascinator in the days leading up to your event.
  • Add a hair comb to your Fascinator hat: Some women's Fascinator enthusiasts keep a supply of hair combs handy to quickly sew into their Fascinators. Hair combs help the Fascinator grip the hair and can be used alone or with bobby pins or hair clips.

Expand your hat-wearing style and wow onlookers at your next big event. Buy a formal or informal Fascinator hat or headband online from Hats Unlimited today.