Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Find Out My Hat Size? 

Determining the correct size of hat to purchase for your head size doesn't have to be difficult! Read our guide on measuring your hat size here for information on what to know about hat measurements, how to measure your head size, the difference between men and women's sizing and various tips and tricks to ensure that you purchase a hat in your correct size. Have a hat that's too large? Consider utilizing hat sizing tape!

Can I Buy Hats In Bulk?

Yes! Hats Unlimited has the availability on certain items to offer bulk shipments at special pricing. Learn more about bulk ordering here!

What Is UPF Protection?

The UPF standard was created specifically for rating UV protection offered by fabrics. The UPF rating shows what percentage of UV radiation the clothing's fabric absorbs. Learn more about UPF protection here!

How Do You Properly Pack A Hat?

Packing compatibility depends mainly on the material of the hat in question, but the form of the style, stiffeners, and embellishments play a part in the matter as well. Click here to learn more on how to pack a hat. Interested in learning on how to properly ship a hat? Click here!

Can You Distress A Hat?

If you love the distressed look but the specific hat you want only comes new, you can distress it yourself. There are several ways to give a new hat a worn-out look, but the method you use will depend on what kind of hat you are working with. This is because many styles are made with different materials like cotton, wool and straw. Learn how to properly distress a hat here!

Do Hats Cause Hair Loss?

No, hats do not cause hair loss. To learn more about the relationship between hats and hair loss, how to prevent hair loss, and what to do to feel more comfortable with thinning hair. click here!

How Do I Contact Hats Unlimited?

To contact Hats Unlimited, email us as, call us toll free at 888 997-HATS (4287) or click here to contact us today!

What Is The Best Hat For Each Season?

No matter the time of year, there is a hat that can compliment your outfit. Click here to learn about which hat is best to wear for each season!

Can You Get Hats Reshaped?

If you've got a hat that has become wrinkled or crushed, don't get rid of it! Most hats can easily be reshaped and returned to their former glory with just a little bit of water and some elbow grease. To learn how to reshape a hat using steam, click here!

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