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Men's Fedoras

From the late 1890s to the 1950s, the fedora was THE hat to have for men. With an indented crown and characteristic “pinch” near the front on both sides, this hat style is pretty instantly recognizable. Many confuse it with a trilby – which typically has a sharp, slightly short crown and short brim tucked up just at the back – but the two styles are not one and the same. Whether wide or short brim; made of wool feltstraw, or leather this classic hat truly stands the test of time. Pair a stingy brim with a suave suit like Frank Sinatra or dress down in a wide western brim with jeans like Johnny Depp. For the Indiana Jones type, we offer a huge selection of packable and water-resistant styles. In general, the only rule when styling is a man’s brim should be roughly proportionate to his shoulders. But on that note, rock a feathered Stetson fedora like Bruno Mars or choose from our wide selection of quality name brands like BigalliScalaCountry Gentleman, and Henschel.

Fedora Hats

The fedora trend has changed these days and while many people speculate, or point to, president Kennedy as the downfall of the style and hats in general in everyday life, there were many reasons that attributed to the fact. While earlier in the century, mid to larger brimmed fedoras were the style to have, nowadays the stingy fedora reigns king. The stingy fedora is essentially the same variation of crown types but with a shorter brim size, in the neighborhood of 1-3 inches. This compact look is more at home today and is more comfortable for people because it feels like it stands out less. That being said, here at Hats Unlimited we carry all varieties to keep the style going strong.

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About Men's Fedora Hats

The fedora remains one of the most versatile and popular hat styles around the world. With so many materials, designs and brands to choose from, the classic fedora has stood the test of time and evolved into one of today's most sought-after accessories.
Whether you're looking for a wide brim fedora for afternoons outside or a sleeker version for the evening, we're positive that you can find the right style for any occasion in our online inventory.

One of the great benefits of fedora hats is that they can be dressed up or down whenever you need to change up your style. Men's fedoras look classy on individuals of any age and add sophistication to casual or dressy outfits. Whether your days consist of running a business or running errands, you can never go wrong with the right fedora.

Our Collection

Hats Unlimited is your number one source for all things hats. From men's pinstripe fedoras to wide brim fedoras woven from fine straw, our men's fedora selection covers a diverse range of styles, sizes and color options. Let your personal style take the driver's seat when you browse our selection.

Our men's fedoras are available in many sizes, including large and extra-large. We aim to stock our shelves with an inclusive variety of products because we believe all customers should have access to styles that fit their needs. We sell fedoras only from brands that we trust will ensure accurate sizing, durable construction and beautiful, high-quality materials in their hats.

Find men's fedoras from Kenny K, Jeanne Simmons, Dorfman Pacific, Bigalli and many more top brands in the colors and styles you love. Some of our best-selling types include:
  • Pinstripe Fedoras
  • Safari Fedoras
  • Wool Felt Fedoras
  • Stingy Brim Fedoras
  • Large Brim Fedoras
  • Unixes Fedora Varieties

Why Fedoras Are the Perfect Choice

Fedoras have been around for a while. From Fred Astaire to Jason Mraz, fedoras have always found a place in the wardrobe of style icons — and we're sure they'll find a treasured place in your wardrobe too. Fedora hats are some of the most versatile accessories you could ask for, available in wool, straw, felt and even leather material options.

For a sophisticated hat that you can take from day to night, look no further than the classic men's fedora. Reach out to our team today if you have any questions.

Why Order From Hats Unlimited?

As a family-owned and operated company, we prioritize meeting our customers' needs. From our secure, seamless ordering process to our carefully selected hat inventory, we're always striving for ways to serve you better. Whether you need help finding the right hat size or have questions about your order, reach out to us — we're here to help!