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Women's Summer Hats

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Women's Summer Hats

Spring and summer are some of the most enjoyable times of the year to wear hats. The warm weather and long hours in the sun give you the perfect reason to provide yourself with some shade. On any given weekend you might find yourself at the beach, on a hike or just enjoying what summer has to offer. Here you will find only the best in quality and UPF protection. 

What Is a Women's Summer Hat? 

In addition to trusty sunscreen and a cute cover-up, a women's summer hat provides a fashionable layer of sun protection. During the spring or summer season, a sun hat can offer an extra barrier against UV rays.

The best hats for summer are the ones you can wear for any occasion. Try a floral floppy sun hat for an afternoon of gardening or a straw hat for a day at the park. Perhaps you'll want one with a ribbon chip strap that makes it easy to slip on and off when going for a leisurely walk outside or running errands. 

If you're looking for something foldable or packable, there's plenty of canvas, soft cotton or straw bucket sun hats that will undoubtedly do the trick. No matter your preferred style this spring or summer, Hats Unlimited has got you covered with the best sun hats for women. 

What Hats Are Available? 

We offer a wide assortment of Toyo Straw, Rush Straw, Tequila Straw, and Paper Straw hats as well as some of the leading hat companies like KooringalDoorfman PacificCalifornia Hat Company and Jeanne SimmonsYou'll find plenty of options to fit your aesthetic and practical needs.

Not looking for a straw hat? Our summer selection is not exclusive to straw hats. We offer a wide variety of materials that will comfortably fit and easily breathe in the warm weather. In this section you will find everything you need to provide proper protection all while adding the perfect finishing touch to your outfit. 

Looking for Men's Spring/Summer HatsWe offer those as well!

Women's Spring/Summer Hats 

Make a splash during the seasons of nautical prints, classic denim and white dresses with a great statement hat!

Finding a sun hat you love can protect your skin and become your go-to accessory. Our headpieces for spring and summer are practical and colorful, from floppy brim hats and baseball caps to push-on visors and fedoras.

Whatever you have planned for the warmer weather months, whether it be picnicking in the park or weekend trips to the beach, remember to grab your trustworthy hat before you head out the door. Here at Hats Unlimited, we prioritize style as much as functionality, offering a vast selection of on-trend women's summer hats.

Our selection of women's sun protection hats either have tightly woven brims or consist of ultra-violet protective fabric for excellent sun protection. 

What Is the Purpose of a Sun Hat?

For most people, spring/summer is the absolute best time of the year. The days get longer and warmer and the urge to be outside is undeniable. Being exposed to the sun all day can be difficult to cope with and bad for the skin. Sun hats are the perfect way to mitigate the damage the sun causes on these beautiful days. 

Not only are they functional, but Floppy hats can be incredibly stylish as well. Finding the right hat for the task can be difficult and time-consuming. All of our hats are diligently picked to not only look good, but provide excellent UPF or UV+ protection. Sun hats can double as an accessory and act as sunscreen for your face and neck. As people become more health-conscious and more data becomes readily available, a good summer hat is a must-have. 

Why Order From Hats Unlimited?

When you order sun hats from Hats Unlimited, you'll enjoy several benefits:
  • We are a family-owned and -operated business that goes to great lengths to take care of our customers.
  • All of our stores have over 10,000 hats in stock. Plus, our website is growing fast, with over 1000 current styles and more being added each week.
  • We offer competitive pricing on women's trendy summer hats that provide sun protection.
  • With a focus on brim size for sun coverage, interior liners, UPF fabrics, crown styles and internal size adjusters, you're sure to find what you need in our inventory.
  • Hats Unlimited has seven retail locations across Southern California in Santa Barbara, Solvang, La Jolla, Ventura, Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs and Avila Beach.
  • Our summer hats for women are always inspected before we ship them out to ensure our customers receive high-quality merchandise.
  • We will never give out any of your information to third party companies for any reason. Please see our privacy policy for further details.
Excited for warmer weather? We can help you take your seasonal wardrobe's style and functionality up a notch. Contact our team with all your hat-related questions today.