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Mens Gambler Hats

The Gambler style hat sports a round, oval crown like a porkpie hat and a wide brim with a small upturn. Known also as a “planter’s hat” it was seen as a wealthy landowner’s classier alternative to a typical cowboy hat. Popularly seen on Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind, it’s a practical and classic dress hat that shows off an elegant sense of southern style. We offer some premium hats from only the best brands like Dorfman Pacific, Peter Grimm, Scala and Tommy Bahama.

Gambler hats are purported to have gotten their name from riverboat gamblers who tried to copy the dress style of wealthy landowners in order to seem wealthy themselves. Regardless, they were highly popular through the 19th century with both farmers and gentlemen alike. The low crown height and small brim make it an excellent choice for those who have trouble pulling off a wide-brim “cowboy” style and it remains a popular men’s western style dress hat.

About Men's Gambler Hats

Style plays on perception, and the perception of men's gambler hats plays on an era when things were simpler. Hats were a fashion accessory as well as a necessity in the South, where the hot temperatures demanded relief. Gambler hats kept the sun off men's faces and necks while also giving them an opportunity to showcase their unique style. The types of gambler hats that became most in-demand demonstrated their relationship to Wild West cowboy hats while maintaining their distinctive look.

Today, men's gambler hats remain popular because of that classic look. It's a versatile appearance that's equally at home during casual and formal occasions. Paired with the right suit, a gambler hat can be the perfect accessory for a wedding. It can also complement a worker's jeans and give casual clothing a more formal appearance.

You can wear gambler hats just about anywhere. Even in cold weather, the lining inside of them will keep you warm. Gambler hats have a fascinating history and can be a part of your exciting future.

Our Collection

Hats Unlimited carries a wide selection of men's gambler hats perfect for any occasion. You can find a range of colors, styles, materials, and sizes to complement your needs. Whether you want a hat for everyday use or a special event, you're sure to find the right one in our collection.

We sell hats made by top-notch manufacturers, including Dorfman PacificScalaBigalli, and Conner Hats. These companies use durable, reliable materials to create hats that will last. You can rely on their accurate sizing to find a hat that's the right fit and style. Our customers all have unique tastes, which is why we carry countless variations. Get ready to discover the perfect hat to complement your personal style.

The fabric around the hat also offers a chance to display your taste. We sell many different colors, as well as both thick and thin options. Browse our inventory to find the right solution for your preferences. Our selection of hats includes:
  • Felt gambler hats
  • Straw gambler hats
  • Gambler cowboy hats
  • Crocheted gambler hats
  • Big-brim gambler hats
  • Hemp gambler hats

Why Buy a Gambler Hat?

Your everyday style will get a boost when you add a gambler hat to your wardrobe. You can dress up anything you wear and gain protection from warm weather in the process. The versatility of a gambler hat makes it an excellent addition to any closet. Those who like to make a statement as well as those who want to keep a low profile can find the right option among our men's gambler hat collection.

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