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Women's Floppy Hats

Women's floppy hats are one of the more timeless and generic hat styles around. Timeless, because they have been made and worn for generations, and generic, because they apply to a large group of hat styles. Essentially any hat with a floppy brim. Most commonly however, they are associated with just a basic unformed crown and a large enough brim, usually anything above 3 inches that will make the brim flop. A floppy hat is perfect for the beach, a stroll in the sunshine, and even some more formal events when dressed to match!

Women’s floppy hats are some of the most common hats worn in public today  their style and functionality make them incredibly popular. The floppy brim hat provides some of the highest UPF protection possible making them ideal for any time spent in the sun. Floppy hats can come in a wide variety of styles and materials, including black floppy hats, straw floppy hats for the summer sun and wool floppy hats for the winter nights. 

We stock some of the highest quality women’s floppy hats from only the highest quality manufacturers such as Saint MartinCalifornia Hat CompanyJeanne SimmonsKooringalScala and Sun N Sand. These big floppy sun hats are ideal for days at the beach or strolls in the sunshine during the summer and wonderful accent pieces to an evening outfit.

About Women's Floppy Hats

Floppy hats are some of the most commonly worn hats in today’s fashion. Whether it be the wide or big-brimmed floppy hat, or the smaller floppy hats that are similar to the fedora, they are useful in just about every situation. 

One of the major upsides of these styles of hats is the excellent UPF protection. Hats have become something more of a necessity as more and more people try and escape the negative effects of the sun. Some of the larger 8-inch brim hats can provide as much sun protection as an umbrella, all while being stylish and trendsetting. 

For the most part, these hats are summer fashion but can be paired with outfits to make the perfect ensemble for a party at night or winter fashion. Floppy hats are an integral part of women’s fashion and are constantly trending, making them some of our best-selling hats. Even during the “off-season” months, people still find uses for these wonderfully crafted items. If you are looking to set the trend, stand out and exude confidence, these are the hats for you!

A large floppy hat is a staple of chic beach and resort wear all over the world. A summertime favorite of celebrities and fashion icons alike, women's floppy hats offer sun protection with a classy aesthetic. Floppy sun hats are also one of the most versatile types of women's hats in the fashion industry today, functioning as UV ray-diffusing beach accessories to casual evening wear pieces guaranteed to turn heads.

From elegant black horsehair hats to carefree floppy beach hats, we're certain that you can find the perfect large floppy hat for your warm-weather wardrobe. 

If you have a particular women's floppy hat in mind that you love but don't see in our online collection, let us know and we'll check our store to see if it's in stock.

Our Collection
 of Floppy Sun Hats

At Hats Unlimited, we strive to maintain an inventory as extensive as the personalities and styles of our customer base. We carefully select each floppy sun hat we sell for quality, aesthetic appeal and wearability. 

Due to their loose-fitting nature, most of our large floppy hats are one-size-fits-most
. We also carry certain styles in adjustable sizes and offer hat sizing tape for extra adjustability. From Audrey Hepburn-esque large brim styles to ribboned cut-brim hats fit for the French countryside, we offer the ultimate selection of head-turning styles.

We sell women's floppy hats in the following popular styles:
  • Large brim floppy hats
  • Cut-brim floppy hats
  • Wide-brim sun hats
  • Resort hats
  • Upbrim hats
  • Flat-brim hats
  • Floppy fedora hats
  • Lifeguard hats
  • Boater hats

Why Buy Women's Floppy Hats?

Floppy hats are ideal accessories for fashionistas looking for sun protection during the spring and summer months. Available in dozens of unique designs, colors and materials, our selection offers a style for everyone. Protect yourself from the sun this summer with the hottest floppy hat trends from Hats Unlimited. 

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At Hats Unlimited, we prioritize our customers' needs in every aspect of our business operations. We want to ensure that you are always satisfied with your purchase and experience. Browse our styles to find a hat that suits you and place your order today!