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Womens Visors

Combating the sun is essential to keeping yourself looking and feeling healthy – and at times that can be a difficult task. Some people do not enjoy the look or feel of the large brimmed floppy hats or the straw does not breathe enough for them. That’s totally fine!

Here you will find some of the highest quality visors hat retailers have to offer from some great manufacturers like KooringalNo HeadachePeter Grimm and Jeanne Simmons

We offer a large variety of both short and long brim visors to fit your look at sun protection needs. All of our visors offer excellent UV and UPF protection making them a great choice for the day out in the sun. Many of our visors are designed to minimize the amount of weight and stress put around the band of your head and is built to circumvent headaches that you typically find with wearing a hat of this style for too long. Some of our best
-selling hats fall into this category, and you really cannot go wrong with any of these choices!

What Is a Visor Hat? 

Visor hats look like baseball caps with the top of the hat removed. They have no crown, relying on the band around the head to stay up. Visors usually have adjustable bands that are often fastened with Velcro or a tie in the back. The primary purpose of a visor is to keep the sun off your face, and it can also shield your eyes from sunlight. 

Many people prefer wearing visors in hot weather because it helps them stay cooler. Keeping your head covered can increase your temperature. When you use a hat without a top, you can still keep the sun off your nose, forehead and cheeks while remaining comfortable. Though athletes originally popularized visors, anyone can wear them. 
Visors come in handy for activities such as tennis or softball. They also make a stylish addition to any outdoor outfit. You can find many ways to wear visors and enjoy the cooling benefits of this versatile hat. 

What Visor Hats Are Available? 

Hats Unlimited sells many different types of women's visors. We know you will love wearing them as an accessory to complete a fun ensemble as well as for practical purposes. 

You can browse our selection to discover all sorts of visors to match your wardrobe. Options include: 
  • Sports visors.
  • Tweed visors.
  • Floppy straw visors. 
  • Cut brim visors.
  • Roll-up visors.

What Is the Purpose of a Visor Hat? 

Visor hats can serve many purposes. Many people wear them to protect themselves from the sun, keeping it off their faces. Others use visors so the sun won't get in their eyes — visors offer a fantastic alternative to sunglasses. 

Visors are also a popular choice for people who want to show off their sense of style. You can find many types of visors to pair with fun outfits and create a great look. 

Why Order From Hats Unlimited?

As the best online destination for buying hats, Hats Unlimited gives customers an unmatched selection of visors, fedoras, cloche hats and more. You can expand your wardrobe and find fantastic value when you shop our hat selection. Our staff also provides the highest level of customer service, checking your order and finding answers to all your questions. You can feel confident you have the top choices and best assistance when you shop with Hats Unlimited. 

We price our products competitively, so you receive top-name brands for the best cost. We want to make it an easy and smooth process to shop with us so that we can build long-term relationships with our customers. We hope to see you return again and again. Place your order for a women's visor hat today!