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Women's Fedoras

What used to be exclusively associated with Men’s Fashion, the Women’s fedora has roared back to the fashion forefront, redesigning hats to be tailored specifically for women. We carry both casual and formal fedoras for women, made from raffia, straw, linen, wool and felt, encompassing all seasons. Some of our largest selection and most popular styles come from high-quality hat manufacturers like Peter Grimm and Jeanne Simmons. We carry both fitted and one size fits most hats as well as an assortment of colors and prints to accommodate all your needs.

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About Women's Fedoras

Most people associate the fedora as a men’s hat; during the turn of the 20th century, fedoras were to men as cloche hats were to women. However, today the script has been flipped and the fedora has become a common sight for both men and women to wear. Boasting both the wide and short-brimmed fedoras or “trilby’s”; many men’s fedoras have been morphed into a unisex design so both may enjoy the fashion and functionality of the style. 

A smaller option than the wide-brimmed floppy hats, the wide-brimmed fedora makes for the perfect summer choice to look stylish and protect your face from the sun. Many designs are made specifically for women, with a larger brim, that tends to have a shape conducive to a woman’s face. No longer are women excluded from this style or fashion and the trend seems to be gaining momentum quickly.

Fedoras are primarily characterized by their short brims and slight upturn at the back of the hat. The crown of the fedora can vary, but most typically feature a somewhat pinched shape in the front. Designed for a snug fit, most fedoras remain understated in their shape but retain a bold personality. Perhaps the greatest advantage of owning a fedora is the versatility. Available in many different fabrics, colors and styles, the women's fedora has evolved into a classic wardrobe staple.

At Hats Unlimited, we carry women's felt fedoras, white fedora hats, short-brim fedoras, fedora beach hats and many other styles. When it comes to variety, no hat retailer in the area comes close to our selection. Choose your perfect fedora from our collection of felt, straw, wool, hemp, yarn and even lace hats along with a stylish array of band colors and materials.

Fedoras add class and sophistication to casual ensembles and offer a significant degree of sun protection — especially if you opt for medium-brim styles. 
Whether you need a fedora for the beach or a night on the town, you can find the style and size you need in our inventory.

Our Collection

We offer dozens of options that are available in a range of sizes. Each women's fedora we sell is a unique, comfortable piece made by a trusted brand in hat attire. Choose from top-quality names such as KooringalKenny KStampede HatsCalifornia Hat CompanyScala and many others when you order from Hats Unlimited.

Browse our collection of women's fedoras for individual product information. Some of our most popular styles include:
  • Straw Women's Fedora Beach Hats
  • Classic Felt Women's Fedoras
  • Stingy Brim Women's Fedoras
  • Low Crown Women's Fedoras
  • Unisex Fedoras

How to Find the Perfect Fit

Whether you're interested in a classy black wool or sleek women's white fedora hat, you want to make sure you find the right size and fit. While there is an industry-standard for hat sizing, manufacturers often have slight variations in how their hats fit. This is why it's important to review the specific sizing chart of the fedora you're interested in.

To get a quick and easy idea of your size, you'll need some measuring tape or a 25-inch string and ruler. Whichever you use, be sure to wrap it evenly around your head until it overlaps. Your measuring tape or string should be about 1 inch above your ears for the best fit. Then, measure the length and compare it to each individual manufacturer's size chart. In general, it's best to size up if you're in between sizes.

Curious about finding the perfect women's fedora size? Learn more with our simple sizing guide to find the right fit for your head size. At Hats Unlimited, we make the sizing process as easy and accurate as possible, because the most critical component of choosing a hat is selecting the proper size.

Why Order From Hats Unlimited?

Fedoras are so comfortable and versatile that they've become staple accessories for women everywhere. Browse our entire collection of women's fedoras to find the perfect headwear for any occasion.

Family-owned and operated, Hats Unlimited offers an excellent customer experience. From our secure website to our top-quality products, we strive to serve you better in every aspect of our business. Place your order for women's fedoras from Hats Unlimited today!