Womens Western & Cowboy Hats

Womens Western & Cowboy Hats

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Womens Western & Cowboy Hats

Some of the most popular hats worn these days are the Cowboy/Western hats. With the prominence of the country music movement that has swept across the United States, the fashion found its way from the rural ranches and deep into the city life.

Cowboy or Western hats quickly became a staple of this movement and for good reason; Cowboy hats are universally recognizable. We offer some of the best Cowboy or Western hats from high quality companies like Conner Hats, California Hat Company, Stampede Hats and Peter Grimm. Each one of these hats are unique in their own rights and will continue to set the trend that has swept the nation. Not only are these fashionable hats, but they are still just as functional as any other western style hat used on ranches all throughout the United States

Looking for Men’s Western Hats?

Western-style hats for women have become more prominent today due to the rising popularity of country music and farm living. These iconic western-style hats are stylish and functional as a shield from the sun, blocking out ultraviolet (UV) rays.

What Hats Are Available?

Our women's cowboy hats come in a variety of styles, colors, materials, decorations, sizes and brim sizes so that you can find the right one for you. We carry women's cowboy hats from some of the finest hatmakers on the market. This includes brands such as KooringalKenny KJeanne SimmonsStetsonScala and more. Women's straw and leather cowboy hats also come in a variety of styles from outback/Aussie to safari and even bolero.

These styles come in different materials so you can get the look you want. From traditional straw, such as Bangora and toyo, to wool felt, seagrass, leather and even recycled plastic, we have hats in any material you want. Depending on the material, our women's cowboy hats come in natural colors such as black, brown, sand, tan and more.

We also offer American-flag colored hats so you can wear your patriotism. 
Our women's cowboy hats are usually adorned with single- or multi-colored bands and feature a front-facing medallion or pendant, usually called a concho. Sometimes the bands are more ornate, featuring studs or colorful designs.

Choose your size, and we carry it. Our hats come in sizes from small to 3XL to one-size-fits-most and even adjustable options. And the prices for these hats vary as much as the materials they're made of so you can find one you like within your budget. 
Whether you're looking for a women's leather or straw cowboy hat, or any material in between, we have the hat for you.

Why Do You Need a Western-Style Hat?

Western-style hats for women, as good-looking as they are, serve a purpose outside fashion, too. Cowboy hats, with their wider brims, serve as good protection from sunlight, specifically harmful ultraviolet rays. Some of these hats, depending on their manufacturer and material, have an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating. This specifies how much UV light the headwear will protect you from.

From working on the farm, going to your favorite country music concert or festival, or just sitting around the fire, our women's cowboy hats will suit many occasions.

Why Order From Hats Unlimited? 

At Hats Unlimited, we are here to make longtime customers, not short-term sales. We want to talk to you and get to know your needs so you can find the perfect hat. We're a 25-year-old family-run business, and we want to continue to provide our customers with friendly, knowledgeable guidance about hats.