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How Felt Hats Are Made - A Tour Of The Bollman Factory

Often times we are asked in our stores how hats are made. While different materials require different processes, this video is a really incredible display of the time, effort and precision that goes into felt hat making. Self described as America's oldest hat maker, Bollman Hat Company has been in the business since 1868 and has an impressive list of brands under it's belt including:  Kangol, Bailey, Plaza Suite, and Helen Kaminski to name a few. From start to finish the hat making process takes over 100 steps and scores of workers in what is a real tribute to the way American Manufacturing once was and still is in Bollman's factory. You can see everything from the wool scouring process, to the initial hat body formation, blocking, sewing and everything in-between. Anybody interested in the art of hat making definitely needs to give this video a watch!

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