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Bowler Hats


Bowler hats were developed in the mid-19th century in England as an alternative to the top hat. Gentlemen in Britain needed hats that wouldn't fall off during activities such as hunting. Top hats flew away too easily on horseback, so a pair of hat makers created the bowler hat, which had a lower center of gravity. These new accessories quickly became popular as a less formal alternative throughout the U.K. and eventually the United States.

Bowler hats are sophisticated and also fun. They'll allow you to display your personality while looking your best. They've remained popular among those with an active lifestyle because of their stability. Whether you want a formal hat or one that's more casual, you can find the exact accessory you desire from Hats Unlimited.

Kenny K

Kenny K - Derby Hat


The Kenny K low crown derby is a sleek and classic style. Made of 100% quality wool, it has a hard-formed crown that is finished with a 1" grosgrain ribbon that ends at a bow on the left hand side. The interior of the crown is lined with a white...