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Dorfman Pacific

In 2021, Dorfman Pacific celebrated its 100th anniversary. You don't get to be a century old unless you're doing a lot of things right, and Dorfman Pacific has become one of the world's most celebrated and popular hat makers. The company embraces a commitment to service and responsiveness to feedback that has helped it strengthen its product line. When you buy a Dorfman Pacific hat, you know you're getting a high-quality product. 

Dorfman Pacific hats have been a staple in our stores since we first opened shop in 1994. As one of the largest wholesalers of hats for men and women in the world, we have an incredible lineup of brands. These include names such as Stetson, Scala, Christy's, Callanan, Stacy Adams, Biltmore, Panama Jack, Capelli, Tommy Bahama and more. Started in 1921, Dorfman Pacific has grown significantly over the years and is strongly associated with the terms quality & value. 

When you purchase Dorfman Pacific hats, you are supporting a company that's dedicated to looking out for the planet and giving back. It has committed to greener manufacturing, something that's important to many of our customers. The business also donates money to charities around the world. 

Dorfman Pacific hats will complement your look whether you want a casual hat to sport at a summer picnic or a fun baseball cap to wear for a night out with friends. Our customers praise the workmanship of these hats, as well as their sturdiness. When you select a Dorfman Pacific hat, you can expect a product with a long history of customer satisfaction that will meet all your needs. 

Types of Dorfman Pacific Hats

Do you want a casual hat or a more formal hat? Are you searching for a woman's hat or one for a man? Do you desire a wool or straw hat? No matter what you are looking for, you can find a hat from Dorfman Pacific. Our selection includes options such as: 
  • Fedoras.
  • Bowlers. 
  • Top hats.
  • Straw sun hats. 
  • Safari hats.
  • Baseball caps. 
Dorfman Pacific hats also come in many materials, including wool, straw and polyester. You can select from different colors or patterns and find the unique combination that works for you. Lots of hats also have great touches, such as feather embellishments or grosgrain bands, that set them apart from other designs. 

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