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Wool Felt Hats

Whether you're attending a wedding, going out with friends for the night or working around your property, you'll find that wool felt hats provide the perfect accessory for making your day easier. They can shade you from the heat in the summer and keep your head warm throughout winter. They can dress your wardrobe up or down. You can find a wool felt hat to match any mood, and you'll always enjoy wearing it, as these accessories are created from soft, comfortable materials.

You can make your own rules for wool felt hats. Wear them with jeans, a crisp suit or a summery linen shirt. The only thing you need to successfully wear this hat is confidence.

About Wool Felt Hats

Wool felt describes the material the hats are made from. The styles of these hats differ, but you'll be able to tell if one is felt by the texture and the way the fibers of the wool are condensed and matted. While the wool you can buy at a crafting store tends to feel synthetic, this material will feel sturdy and durable.

Wool felt has been used in hats for centuries, and the material has been around for even longer. In fact, the phrase "mad as a hatter" is believed to have originated as a reference to toxic fumes that arose from the production of these hats in the 19th century, which made hat makers sick. Felt hats have had several popular cultural renaissances, including as the hat Indiana Jones wore in a series of successful films.

Our Collection

The wool felt hats sold by Hats Unlimited have several things in common. One is its outstanding quality. We sell hats from manufacturers dedicated to creating the sturdiest, best-looking accessories.

We carry styles to fit your unique personality. Do you want a thin piece of leather tied around the hat? Or maybe a fabric bow? We offer those options and more. Our collection includes hats made by the best manufacturers, such as Saint MartinBigalliScalaBullhide, and Jeanne Simmons. You can select from many styles as well, such as:
  • Wool felt fedoras
  • Wool felt top hats
  • Wool felt gambler hats
  • Wool newsboy caps

Why Buy Wool Felt Hats?

Wool felt hats marry style and substance in one practical, attractive hat with materials that are sturdy and stand up to long-term use. Everyone can find one to match their personality, as each one has a slightly different story and appeal.