Mens Fall & Winter Hats

Mens Winter Hats

When summer is over and the cold starts to settle in, it may be tempting to just pile on a jacket and scarf and head out the door. After all, it is an urban legend that most of your body heat escapes through your head, right? But hats play an important part in dressing for winter; whether for fashion or function, a well made hat is an essential cold weather accessory. Watch caps and beanies keep you warm and protect your face and ears. They come in a variety of colors and knits and are a less formal option perfect for outdoor adventures and hitting the slopes. A traditional dress hat like a fedora made of materials like wool felt or leather is a perfect hat to protect you without sacrificing style. Hats Unlimited has an extensive selection of beanies, ascot and flat caps, fedoras, bowlers, western style hats, and outback hats perfect for all your seasonal activities. Pick a style that suits you, but don’t be intimidated by our selection – we are here to help! Many men have at least two options, and you can’t go wrong with the quality hats from brands like Bigali, Dorfman Pacific, Scala, Conner, Henschel, and more. 



Conner Hats

Conner - Indy Fedora


Unsure of what a Dropship item is? Click this link so you are fully informed prior to your purchase!  An authentic Indiana Jones style fedora! This great fedora is modeled after Indiana Jones's trusty lid that went everywhere with him...


Kangol - Wool 504


A Kangol classic, wool 504 cap hat is perfect for those winter days. Made of 100% wool and with an elasticized sweatband this is a great hat to keep your head warm. Its simple design and superior fit make it a classy yet causal complement to your...