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A hat can give you a sophisticated air of grace or an aura of dignity. It can complement your wardrobe to provide you with a commanding, stylish appearance. Your favorite headpiece can help you express your unique style and even protect you from the sun's rays.

When buying a hat, it's important to pay attention to the fit. In some cases, you may prefer to reduce the size of a hat or make it fit better because you've simply fallen in love. That's where hat sizing tape comes in. 

What is Hat Sizing Tape?

Hat sizing tape, or often called hat size reducer, is commonly used in our stores to reduce the size of any particular hat about one full size. It comes in the form of a foam strip with an adhesive backing. While it is always better to try to find the right size hat for your head, there are occasions where you like a particular hat but it is only one size or only comes in half sizes, i.e. (SM/MD, LG/XL). 

How Does a Hat Size Reducer Work?

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hat size reducer

 Preparing to reduce your hat size with hat sizing tape


Step 1)

Cut a strip of sizing tape at the approximate circumference of the inside of your hat. Many times you only need enough for each of the sides as this is where most people have a sizing problem. 

 Cutting hat sizing tape strips into 2 pieces for ease

Step 2)

To break the process down into parts and make the operation easier, cut the sizing tape strip in half. 

 lifting up hat band to insert hat sizing tape or strips

Step 3)

As stated in the first step, it is best practice to insert the foam strip underneath the band in order to: A) disguise that it is there at all, and B) to retain the original fabric as the liner between your head and the hat.  

This being said, you can still use sizing tape on hats without and interior liner but we suggest that you place is slightly higher up inside the hat so that the tape doesn't show when it is on your head.

 Inserting Hat Sizing tape under hat band

Step 4)

Before we make any semi-permanent size modification to the hat, place the strips of sizing tape where the hat is largest around your head. Simply place them under the band and fold the band back on top of the sizing tape.  

Now try the hat on and see if where you have placed the strips feels comfortable or gets the job done. If it doesn't, readjust the foam strips and try again.

NOTE: you can also cut these strips into even smaller pieces to customize the fit. 

Peeling Back Hat Sizing Tape adhesive backing strip

Step 5)

When you are comfortable with how your hat feels and looks on your head, take the sizing tape out while taking note of where the strips were placed. Now carefully peel the back off and then affix the pieces back underneath the inner-liner.

 Hat Sizing Tape Applied to inside hat band

Step 6)


As you can see the sizing tape is gently pushing out the inner-liner thus reducing the size of the hat and making for the perfect fit!


The Importance of Sizing Your Hat

When it comes to sizing your hat, proper fit is crucial to feeling comfortable and looking your best. After all, your cap should feel and look as if it was made just for you. 

The right hat should:

  • Not be too tight to cause discomfort — but it should be snug enough so that a light wind won't blow it off your head.
  • Not obscure your vision or fall to the floor when you bend over.
  • Not overshadow your eyes, completely envelop your head or be prone to popping off unexpectedly due to fitting too tightly.
  • Be proportionate to the size of your head and face.
  • Add charisma and charm to everything you wear.
  • Express your stylistic tastes and unique personality.

Tips for Maintaining the Proper Fit and Size for the Life of Your Hat 

Storage habits, natural elements and frequent wear can sometimes alter the shape and size of your hat. However, you can help extend your hat's life by cleaning it correctly, especially if it's white

Here are few basic guidelines to keep your hat in tiptop shape:

  • Hold your hat by the brim, not the pinch or crown. These components are easily misshapen or crushed. To adjust your hat or put it on, use four fingers to hold the brim's front and back just next to the crown.
  • Try to make sure your hands are clean and dry before you touch your hat. Otherwise, you could leave behind a residue of skin oils or dirt. 
  • To keep your hat dry and help it retain its shape, use a plastic rain protector for wet conditions.
  • Don't leave your hat in places where it can get uncharacteristically hot, such as a car in warmer months. 

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