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Panama Hats

Panama Hats

The Panama Hat is a beautifully crafted style that has been time tested and cherished. A common misconception is that the Panama Hat comes from Panama. In truth however, true Panama Hats actually come from Ecuador and are woven from plaited strips of the Toquila Palm. 

Characteristics of the Panama are that they are lightweight, light in color, breathable and durable, though many variations exist. A main event that increased their popularity and a prominent reason why they are called the panama is the prevalence of the workers using these hats during construction of the Panama Canal. When then president Theodore Roosevelt visited the construction of the canal he was photographed wearing this hat resulting in widespread exposure to this fine looking style. 

If your aim is to look sharp while keeping the sun off of your face then look no further because the selection of Panama's we have below will do both of those things admirably.