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Safari Hats

The safari hat is characterized by a medium to large-sized brim with a center-dent crown (depression in the middle with the outsides of the crown raised). Many of the hats on this page are packable and will give you good protection from the sun. A historic style, the safari has remained around for a long time because its shape tends to look good on a wide variety of people.

The safari hat, not to be mistaken with their predecessor, the pith helmet, is a versatile, stylish hat. It has a wide brim with a center-dent crown, unlike the pith. These hats were popularized by the likes of Indiana Jones on his adventures through jungles and rainforests in search of hidden treasures. To a lesser extent, U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt wore them to the tropics and on his hunts in the African plains. 

Today, though, you don't have to be in a temperate climate doing something historical or hysterical to don a safari-style hat. They are comfortable, fashionable hats you can wear for any occasion in any environment, whether it's the jungle or city street. 


Scala - Toyo Safari Hat


Dress yourself up in style with the Scala toyo safari panama hat. This hat is made of 100% durable toyo fibers and is a bestseller that looks good on a wide variety of people. Features of this hat are a moderate crown size with a center-dent style, a...

Conner Hats

Conner - Indy Fedora


Unsure of what a Dropship item is? Click this link so you are fully informed prior to your purchase!  An authentic Indiana Jones style fedora! This great fedora is modeled after Indiana Jones's trusty lid that went everywhere with him...