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Womens Formal Hats

Women’s formal hats have always had their place in society as the right hat has the power to completely transform your outfit from something casual to something truly special. Our formal hats are inspired from both an era of old fashion and the newer trends being set today; Perfect for the special morning brunch or late night gown these hats help round out any look. Feature styles from high quality manufacturers like Conner Hats and Jeanne Simmons are guaranteed to be crafted well with extra care taken on each hat. Only the absolute best will do when it comes to looking good and feeling good – and these are some of our best.

Looking for Men’s Formal Hats?


Conner Hats

Conner - Victorian Topper


Constructed of Australian wool, this victorian/steampunk topper has a great flair about it. It comes adorned with a large feather on the side with minimalist buckle and lacework around the brim of the hat. The crown is also ornately decorated with...