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Winter Hat Guide

Whether you can't wait for the first powder of the season or would rather just bundle up and stay cozy indoors, when the cold weather hits, you know it's time to bring out those warm winter hats. But just like you wouldn't wear only one pair of pants the entire season, you want to have a few winter hat options to rotate throughout the colder months. You can't go wrong with a classic beanie, but there are many different types of winter hats that you can and should keep in your arsenal to stay looking dapper and feeling warm.

This article will tell you how to choose winter hats for men and women and give you some of the most fashionable and warm hats to get you through the colder months.

Men's Winter Hats

It's not necessary to own all of the winter hats listed below, but it's important to look at them all to know your options. That way, you'll be able to pick the one that best suits your style, taste and lifestyle. You also won't want to get stuck with only one, needing to re-wear it all winter long. Just like any piece of an outfit, you'll want to change the hat to match the occasion. Since hats are designed to keep you warm as well look fashionable, you'll want some extra warm ones for those extra cold days.

Our heads and ears are some of the most sensitive parts of the body when reacting to temperature. Even if the rest of your body is covered with layers of coats, shoes, scarves, gloves and more, you'll still feel cold if your head and ears are not protected. The perfect hat meshes the functionality of keeping you warm with a fashionable and stylish look. Hats Unlimited offers a variety of men's winter hats that are stylish and practical for all occasions.

Choosing Winter Hats for Men

When selecting a hat, start by considering these four factors:

  • Purpose: Your main purpose is to protect your head from the cold, so the hat should be made from materials that provide good insulation.
  • Comfort: You also want to be comfortable in the hat that you're wearing. If it feels itchy or heavy, you may become uncomfortable after wearing it for an extended time.
  • Proper fit: Similar to comfort, you'll want the proper fit. A good fit will help keep the hat on your head and protect you from the cold weather properly.
  • Style: Lastly, you also want your hat to look good. Men's winter hats come in varying styles, colors and patterns that you may like. Consider how it may match your gloves, scarves, shoes and other winter clothing.

7 Popular Winter Hats for Men

Here are several men's hats perfect for the winter season.

1. Beanies

Beanies also called stocking caps or watch capsare often popular hats for men. They are practical, versatile and casual. These hats are typically made of natural fibers, such as merino wool, cashmere or cotton, and synthetic materials such as acrylic and fleece. They offer a high level of warmth because they can be pulled close to the head. If you're getting a synthetic beanie, look for one with features like moisture-wicking, which will help draw moisture away from your head.

Their fit can vary based on your taste and style. A skull cap is more tight-fitting, while others offer a looser, slouchy fit. The fisherman beanie is sometimes considered the hipsters' cold-weather headgear of choice, but it all depends on how you style it.

Often, but not always, the beanie has a folded-up brim for double layering at the ears, providing extra warmth. Sometimes beanies have pom-poms, tassels or other decorations and are considered bobble hats. They are not very formal and are often for leisure and practical use only.

2. Flat Caps

This popular style of men's hat has roots in Britain and the U.K., but are a go-to in the United States and elsewhere. Flat caps also called an ivy cap, golf cap, newsboy cap or driving capare noted for having a low profile with a small, stiff brim. They are typically made from wool tweed or cotton, so they are a solid choice for keeping warm in the cold weather. It offers a dressier option to the more casual beanie.

Flat caps are often worn in the fall and spring as well, but the winter styles offer an added thickness for extra warmth.

3. Wool Felt Hats

Hats like fedoras, homburgs, safaris and bowlers fall into this category. They are great if stylish winter headgear is your aim. Although they are popular as sun hats when made of lightweight materials such as straw, wool-felt hats are a must in cold, wintry weather because of their warm fabric and wider brims.

They offer a more formal silhouette than beanies and are often reserved for dressier winter occasions. Some modern styles incorporate a semi-circular ear warmer in the same color as or in a complementary pattern to the hat that is either tucked inside the crown or even detachable. This offers extra warmth without sacrificing style. These are some of the best options when you need to look dressy in the winter.

4. Trapper Hats

Trapper Hats come with ear-flaps that can either be tied up to the crown of the cap or fastened at the chin to protect and warm the ears, neck and chin from the cold. You can also style the hat loose and leave the flaps down and untied. Often, they are lined with fur or shearling for added warmth.

Most trapper hats are brimless, but some styles include a small visor that keeps the forehead warm while shading the tops of the eyes. This is one of the warmest winter options.

5. Balaclavas

Essentially a fancy name for a ski mask, balaclavas are for the extreme outdoor adventures. They usually have a single wide slit for the eyes and sometimes slits for the mouth and nose. A balaclava can be worn when skiing or while navigating the city in cold temperatures. You can also layer it under your coat and sweater for maximum protection.

6. Baseball Caps

While not usually thought of as a winter hat option, many designers are rendering the classic baseball cap in textural winter fabrics like wool, tweed and corduroy. This allows them to provide more warmth and comfort in the cold.

7. Bucket Hats

The bucket hat is a '90s style that has reemerged in the fashion industry. It features a wide, downward-sloping brim that slits directly on the crown and completely covers the head. There are varying styles, prints and patterns, with fabrics like sherpa used to make the bucket hat more winter-friendly.

Choosing Winter Hats for Women

Whether you're a year-round hat enthusiast or only opt to wear them in the colder temperatures, winter brings in hat trends aplenty to inspire stylish cold-weather looks. When choosing the hat that's right for you, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind:

  • Silhouette. Which silhouette best suits you, your style and your lifestyle? Knowing which fit and shape you want is key to finding the perfect winter hat for you.
  • Trends. Of course, what is trending plays a big role in winter hat shopping, especially if you're aiming for a fashion-forward look.
  • Functionality. While looking stylish in your winter hat is a must, it is even more important that you protect yourself properly from the cold.

It's often best to have more than one option for winter hats in your closet so you're prepared for any kind of day. Hats Unlimited offers a wide selection of women's winter hats to browse.

8 Trendy Winter Hats for Women

Here are some popular winter hats for women that offer style and warmth.

1. Beanies

Beanies are just as common and popular for women as they are for men. They are the most popular choice when it comes to winter hats. Women's beanies come with a few extra styles and options. They can come in tighter or looser fits but often have the folded brim for extra warmth over your ears. The knit beanie can be ultrafine, ribbed or chunky. For a more dramatic look, opt for a beanie that's a little bit oversized, but if you want to keep it classic, go for a fitted style.

A cashmere beanie often has a minimal design in a neutral color like ivory, charcoal or navy and are more luxurious than the standard beanie. Then, pom-pom beanies offer a little more playful addition to any winter outfit. No matter which type of beanie you go for, you're bound to find one perfect for you since they come in virtually every shape, color and fabric.

2. Trapper Hat

The trapper hat, or aviator hat, is better fitted for a specific occasion rather than everyday wear. They are known for the two ear flaps that can be left hanging, tied under the chin or even tied on top of the hat. These hats can be more luxurious when offered in styles of faux fur, patent leather and padding like your favorite parka. It is often shearling lined with flaps that cover your ears and the back of your neck for maximum warmth.

3. Bucket Hat

Bucket hats have made an extreme comeback from their '90s days. Clean and classic bucket silhouettes in ivory and camel are key looks this season, but if you want a little more texture, try one in tweed or sherpa. Their flared shape helps shield you in chilly downpours as well. Look for patent or nylon finishes to ensure they're weatherproof.

4. Newsboy Cap

This is an iconic style for both fall and winter. The newsboy cap comes in simple wool designs and versions with delicate adornment and much more. Heritage fabrics and prints are perfect for winter. Tweed and preppy plaid are great options for the newsboy cap.

5. Berets

A beret is a classic when it comes to fashion. They have chic French-style connotations, keeping them mainstream. These are soft, brimless hats that are flattering on all women, and they are often made of wool, crocheted cotton or acrylic.

A simple wool design in black, camel or gray will be the most versatile hat in your wardrobe, adding a perfect finish to basics. For a bolder statement, try one in a punchy color or print. While stylish, these hats offer no coverage for the ears. If you want to stick with the style and protect your neck and ears, you can add a chunky knit scarf or faux fur collar to keep warm. You can wear it tilted to the side, centered on your head or even experiment with wearing it backwards.

6. Fedoras

Fedoras are a '70s look that only continues to climb in popularity. The key to making the fedora work is to wear it with wardrobe classics thick checked over-coats, straight-leg jeans and loafers. It has a soft brim, center crease and signature pinches on each side.

7. Baseball Caps

Although they are a nontraditional winter hat, baseball caps can be quite chic if you choose the right fabric, color and style. It can be a snapback, strapback, or fitted ball cap. You can opt for fabrics like cashmere, wool blends or crushed velvet to keep your head warm and create the perfect winter look. Consider rich jewel tones like wine, emerald and indigo to give your entire ensemble a sense of laidback luxe. Or simply pair your baseball cap with a puffer jacket for a fuss-free day in the snow.

8. Cossacks

There's no denying that this year has seen some of the most fabulous fur coats emerge, and this trend is leaking into the hat territory as well. Loved by the screen sirens in the '40s, a Cossack hat paired with a camel-colored coat and stylish heels offers a classic, timeless and luxurious look. It also offers more warmth than other options for winter hats without sacrificing style.

Be Fashionable and Warm With Hats Unlimited

When fighting the cold weather without sacrificing your fashion sense is a must, a winter hat is exactly what you need. Hats can add an extra flair to your outfit, especially if a winter coat covers the rest of your ensemble. There are numerous options, and you shouldn't limit yourself to just one hat, style or type.

Hats Unlimited offers a great selection of men's hats and women's hats for all seasons, but especially for the winter. Hats Unlimited was founded in 1994 with the goal of selling hats in as many varieties, styles and colors as possible. Value and service remain our priorities. We have over 10,000 hats in stock with our website only continuing to grow.

Shop for all your winter hat needs on Hats Unlimited. You're guaranteed to find one right for you that is both fashionable and warm for those chilly winter days.

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