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Mens Straw Fedoras

Straw Fedoras

Straw fedoras are some of the most popular hats that we carry in our hat stores and on our website. Straw hats are versatile in that they are typically durable, breathe easy, and give a certain casual elegance to your wardrobe. In addition to that their neutral colors go great with many outfits. Here we carry many forms of straw fedoras from paper-braids, to raffia straw, and also panama hats that use Ecuadorian toquila palm straw. We hope you enjoy our selection and always feel free to contact us with any questions!

What Is a Men's Straw Fedora?

Fedoras are hats with a pinch in the crown and a soft brim. The hats are often associated with fashion, and quite a few celebrities, from Brad Pitt to Harrison Ford, have embraced the sophisticated look. Men's straw fedoras are simply fedoras made from straw, which is a durable and popular material for hats since it can bounce back into shape even after being crushed. Straw has the versatility and comfort you want in any hat.

Straw fedoras provide a more casual look than fedoras made from wool or leather. You can find options that include a sleek grosgrain band around the hat, or you can look for embellishments, such as feathers, that set a straw fedora apart from other hats. Straw fedoras may also have vents to make them more breathable than a standard fedora, furthering the casual look.

You can wear a straw fedora to any function. Its flexibility is a beautiful quality and allows you to use the straw fedora at a wedding reception or a night out. No matter your plans, a straw fedora will fit into them and elevate your look. Our customers appreciate the additional sophistication they gain when they pop on a straw fedora. And remember, they aren't just for men — women also love wearing this style of hat.

What Men's Straw Fedoras Are Available From Hats Unlimited? 

We carry men's straw fedoras from the best manufacturers in the world, with a range of styles, shapes and colors. Our lineup includes hats from top brands such as Kenny K, TLS Stefeno, Scala and Tommy Bahama. They have thick or skinny bands around the crown, and some feature cool stripes or solid colors. Just a few types of straw fedoras we sell include: 

  • Stingy-brim fedoras.
  • Safari hats.
  • Panama hats.
  • Large-brim fedoras.

We also sell unisex hats made for men and women, as well as low-crown fedoras and other hats in a range of fun colors.

What Is the Purpose of a Men's Straw Fedora? 

Fedoras serve two primary purposes. First, they are fashionable. Fedoras became popular during the first half of the 20th century, when nearly every man wore a hat as a sign of respect and to protect him from the weather. As more celebrities adopted fedoras, they became even more in-demand, and they're enjoying a second wave of popularity today.

Second, fedoras offer protection from the sun and other weather elements. You can go out in the wind and keep your face shielded when you wear a straw fedora.

Why Order From Hats Unlimited? 

Hats Unlimited is the internet's top destination for online hat shopping. We have a selection that includes more than 1,000 styles, and our competitive pricing gives you the best value for your money. 

Let us help you find the hat you want to complement your wardrobe. Our team can make the buying process easy. Place your order for a men's straw fedora today!