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Outdoor Hats

What constitutes an outdoor hat? Technically speaking, hats were created to provide protection from the elements and therefore most hats could be considered an "outdoor hat". In this categoryhowever, we have specifically sought out hats with larger brims and more full protection that your average baseball cap to be worn when hiking, boating, fishing, beaching and anywhere that the sun is going to be beating on you for long periods of time. These hats are chosen because they offer UPF protection, have larger than average brims, or give 360 protection for your neck, ears, and nose. With our selection of outdoor styles here you can have fun in the sun while looking sharp doing it.

About Outdoor Hats From Hats Unlimited

Whether you have an outdoor job or regularly spend long days in the sun, you're going to need proper UV protection. When it comes to prolonged sun exposure, simply re-applying sunscreen isn't always enough for complete protection from the effects of direct sunlight. For optimal UV protection, you need a hat that provides enough shade to protect your eyes and skin while helping prevent your body from overheating. 

To help you stay safe and fashionable in the heat, Hats Unlimited carries hundreds of options for outdoor sun hats, wide brim outdoor hats and more. Take these hats hiking, fishing, bird watching or to your landscaping job. They'll protect you from UV rays and the harsh brightness of direct sunlight wherever you go.

If you're looking for outdoor hats for men or women, we're here to accommodate your needs. We stock our shelves with the latest hat fashion trends and protective hat material innovations. Browse our inventory to learn more about our unique selection.

Our Collection

Outdoor sun hats are not only functional components of sun protection. They can also serve as stylish additions to anyone's summer wardrobe. Whether you're buying a hat with utility in mind or you want a chic beach day accessory, you can choose from dozens of different colors, styles, and sizes. We can even order specific hats that we don't currently carry upon request, pending availability.

Outdoor hats cover a broad category of hat styles. All outdoor hats have a couple of aspects in common — durability and sun protection. They are designed to be worn during outside activities such as yard work, hiking, sports, boating or fishing. When it comes to utility, outdoor hats from Hats Unlimited outshine other hat categories due to their sturdy structure and UPF protection, which is an absolute must for long days outside.

Find outdoor hats for women and men in a wide range of sizes and colors in many hat types, including:
  • Straw Sun Hats
  • Outback Hats
  • Western Hats
  • Lifeguard Hats
  • Extreme Condition Outdoor Caps and Hats
  • Bucket Hats
  • Safari Hats
  • Fedora Hats
Browse our selection to find the perfect match for your outdoor excursions.

Why Choose a Wide Brim Outdoor Hat?

Outdoor sun hats provide maximum protection from heat and UV rays while adding character and style to your appearance. We offer dozens of outdoor hat options so versatile that you can take them from brunch to backroad dirt biking. Find headwear that speaks to your style while meeting all of your needs for sun protection in our collection of outdoor sun hats.

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At Hats Unlimited, we always put our customers first. As a family-owned and operated company, we strive to ensure your satisfaction any way we can. Contact us if you have any questions about our products, and be sure to browse our outdoor sun hat options today.