Packable Sun Hats

Packable Sun Hats

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Packable Sun Hats

When you need a hat that can go with you anywhere, choose from our selection of packable hats for traveling. Packable hats refer to a broad category of headwear that includes many different shapes and styles. The defining characteristic of a packable or roll-up hat is the ability to store it compactly without permanently distorting its shape. While you may see a few creases or wrinkles when you take a packable hat out of your bag, it will quickly regain its shape.

About Our Packable Sun Hats

Take stylish, comfortable hats with you on every jet-setting adventure when you purchase from Hats Unlimited. Due to their flexibility, you can store roll-up and foldable sun hats conveniently without any damage to their structure or fabric. In fact, many hat styles fall into the packable sun hats category as long as their materials are flexible enough.

At Hats Unlimited, we stock our shelves with hats from manufacturers known for delivering on their promises of high-quality, trendy apparel. Packable sun hats are highly sought-after accessories that you can dress up or down, from Sunday brunch to a day at the beach, you can find fashionable options versatile enough for multiple occasions.
The convenience factor of foldable sun hats is impossible to ignore. Store your hat in your purse or backpack without ever having to worry about your hat's condition. 

Our Collection of Roll-Up Hats 

Hats Unlimited has an incredibly diverse selection of roll-up and foldable sun hats. Choose from an array of wool hats, straw sun hats, outdoor hats designed for extreme heat and more in our collection. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can always reach out to our team for help. 
Our foldable sun hats are available in the following popular styles in many comfortable sizes and stylish colors:

Why Choose Foldable Sun Hats?

Foldable or roll-up sun hats make excellent traveling accessories for several reasons. They're easy to store in virtually any bag, and they're incredibly low-maintenance due to their forgiving construction. They're also a convenient way to add extra UV protection for long hours in direct sunlight.

Why Order From Hats Unlimited?

At Hats Unlimited, we put you first. From stocking our inventory with the latest trends in high-quality headwear, our mission is to make sure you are satisfied with your purchases. Reach out with any questions before you buy the perfect foldable sun hat today.