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Cowboy & Western Hats

Cowboy Hats

Whether you're into Western movies or you appreciate the styles of horseback riders nationwide, there's nothing like the perfect cowboy hat to complete your look. American cowboy hats date back to 1865, but these accessories are timeless for anyone who wants to keep the sunlight out of their eyes and their neck cool in the blistering heat.

At Hats Unlimited, our online catalog is home to dozens of cowboy hats for everyone. Search for accessories available in different colors and materials to find a hat you'll be proud to wear year-round!

The Cowboy Hats Real Cowboys Wear

You don't want just any hat, but one that is authentic to the iconic headwear associated with Western culture and ranching. Traditional cowboy hats are made from various materials, including genuine leather, felt and straw. Hats Unlimited offers an extensive selection of Western headgear to help you look the part when wearing your cowboy hat.

Black Cowboy Hats

Look slick with authentically crafted cowboy hats that help protect against the elements while embodying the symbol of cowboy heritage and the spirit of the American West. When you shop our black cowboy hats, you'll find options like:
  • Studded straw hats: These unique Bangora straw hats with black staining, studs and bold buckle will help you make an authentic statement. The hat is perfectly designed for ventilation without compromising style. The dramatic brim and star buckle showcase Texan pride, creating a wardrobe staple to complement any outfit.
  • Wide-brim wool hats: This firm wool felt hat is comfortable and soft while holding its shape. This cowboy hat has a solid 3-inch brim and pinched crown and is carefully crafted from water-resistant materials. The hat is finished with a faux leather band to give that extra genuine touch.
  • Rhinestone hats: The black cowboy hat with red hibiscus flowers and rhinestones is ideal headgear if you want to stand out from the crowd. The authentic black hat with the traditional center dent and elegant red rhinestone detailing makes this a cowboy hat you can wear on various special occasions.
  • Bolero wool felt hats: Consider the handmade wool felt Bohemian Bolero hat to enhance your Western hat collection. The stylish hat is accented with a ribbon, suede cord and speckled feather insert.
  • 100X wool felt hats: The stylish Western-inspired 100X Wool Felt hat is striking in its simplicity. The cowboy hat has a center dent with upturned side brims and a slim leather belt with rhinestones, making it the perfect item to take from day to night.

White Cowboy Hats

A white cowboy hat has a timeless quality, providing you with headgear that is exceptionally functional and striking. Consider the quality craftsmanship of options like these:
  • 50X Shantung hats: The white 50X Shantung straw hat, with a genuine leather band, features a center dent and three eyelet vent holes. This hat's band is slightly embellished with silver-tone conchos. The dramatic brim and classic marks make it an exquisite hat for your collection.
  • White straw hats: The 50X Bangora material hat has patterned holes for enhanced ventilation. The upturned brims and centralized dent give that classic cowboy appearance. The lightweight and stylish design offers you breathable comfort without compromising on the look.
  • Wool felt hats: The elegant wool felt hat with a silver detailed buckle is sophisticated and soft. The high-quality design makes this hat an accessory that will serve any cowboy or cowgirl for seasons to come. The crown has a center dent style, and the brims turn up on the sides.
  • Bohemian canvas hats: The handmade premium canvas hat is flat-brimmed, accented with genuine leather elements and cross-stitched details. The crown is fedora-styled, offering an alternative variation of the traditional Western style.

Men's and Women's Western Hats You'll Love

The team at Hats Unlimited cares about your satisfaction. We take the time to seek out the latest men's and women's hat styles on the market — all from the world's top brands:
Additionally, our Western hat collection is easy to browse. Use our filters to view accessories based on size, color and price to make an informed decision.

Detailed Product Descriptions for Cowboy Hats

When buying a new cowboy hat, it's nice to know what you're getting. We craft helpful product descriptions to tell you what to expect from your purchase. Some of our men's and women's Western hats are decked out with one-of-a-kind buckles, colorful brim bands and cross-stitching accents you can see within our photos.
Thanks to Hats Unlimited, you'll find handmade cowboy hats featuring wool felt, canvas, straw and leather materials for an accessory you'll want to wear every day.
Benefits of Our Cowboy Hats for Sale
No two cowboy hats are exactly the same — handmade Western hats all have their own charm. Of course, cowboy hats are some of our bestsellers at Hats Unlimited for other reasons, too:
  • Exceptional coverage: Our cowboy hats have wide brims covering the face, neck and shoulders. Spend time in the sun with accessories that help you see and can prevent sunburn.
  • Versatility: Cowboy hats complement numerous outfits. Create a new look for yourself by pairing a Western hat with jeans, boots, button-up shirts, blazers and similar articles of clothing.
  • Historical significance: The cowboy hat pays tribute to early American settlers. Wearing a cowboy hat from Hats Unlimited allows you to look at fashion through the eyes of the pioneers.

Why Purchase Western Hats From Hats Unlimited?

Hats Unlimited is a family-run business dedicated to finding the perfect hat for you. Our professionals make it simple to make a selection with helpful sizing charts and informative product descriptions for transparency. Our collection is always growing larger, and we pride ourselves on offering competitive prices. 
Whether you're buying a single Western hat or one for every day of the week, you can count on Hats Unlimited for accessories at economical prices you can agree with.

Make Your Selection With Us Today

Hats Unlimited has most of our cowboy hats in stock and ready to ship to your door. We also have store locations throughout Southern California if you'd like to see our styles in person. Make a purchase with us today, or give us a call during business hours to ask us any questions!