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Fedora Hats

The fedora hat is one of the most popular styles sold at our stores today. Originating shortly before the turn of the 20th century, this iconic hat has seen a few rises and falls in popularity. The fedora became mainstream and iconically tied to gangsters in the era of prohibition from the 1920's through the early 1950's. Its use eventually receded as the 60's took on. However, the fedora hat made a serious return when Harrison Ford wore it onscreen in the Indiana Jones series and more recently as musicians and celebrities like Jason Mraz and Charlie Sheen have been seen sporting them around.  

Originally made of fur felt and limited to basic colors like black, brown and grey, fedoras now come in a wide variety of materials, patterns, and colors. Additionally, there are a wide variety of crown styles and brim sizes such as the center-dent, teardrop, diamond and stingy brims. Whatever your taste is, here at Hats Unlimited we are committed to providing a variety of fedoras for you to choose from.

What Is a Fedora Hat? 

Fedora hats are characterized by the distinctive indented crown, which creases toward the wearer's head and looks like someone is pinching it at the top front. A soft brim surrounds the crown. Most fedora hats have a crown height of 4.5 inches, though they can be shorter or taller depending on the design. The brim is usually about half that wide. 

Fedoras first made an appearance in the late 19th century, with the name coming from a play in which the main character wore a soft-brimmed hat with a crease in the crown. The design became popular with men, who appreciated the practicality of the fedora when walking through nasty weather. 

Men wore hats as a matter of fashion and politeness during the first half of the 20th century, and when celebrities began wearing fedoras, they reached an even higher level of popularity. Women, too, have embraced the fedora, sometimes as a nod to androgynous fashion and sometimes as a means of making a statement about gender.

But most women love fedoras because they're attractive, practical and versatile. 

What Types of Fedoras Are Available From Hats Unlimited? 

Fedoras come in a range of sizes, shapes and colors, and Hats Unlimited stocks a huge number of these kinds of hats. You can find men's fedoras and unisex fedoras, plus fedoras made by top manufacturers such as HenschelKenny KDorfman Pacific and Jeanne Simmons. Styles include: 
  • Panama fedoras. 

  • Large-brim fedoras.

  • Low-crown fedoras.

  • Stingy-brim fedoras.

  • Safari fedoras. 

What Colors of Fedora Hats Are Available From Hats Unlimited?

When choosing a fedora for yourself or as a gift, one of the most important decisions is the color. As you think about which color fedora will look best, you will want to consider several factors, such as your or your recipient's skin tone and wardrobe. Generally, natural colors like brown look best with lighter skin tones, while shades like black look best on olive and darker skin tones.

In addition to skin tone, you will want to consider your or your recipient's hair color. For example, bright red hair does not pair well with bright colors like red or orange. Alternatively, black hair doesn't pair well with black fedora hats. While you generally want to avoid picking a fedora the same color as your hair, the one exception is that brown hair pairs well with brown fedora hats. Additionally, while these are commonly accepted tips, hats and style are subjective and ultimately you should choose the hat that speaks to you.

Think about your or your recipient's wardrobe. If you are trying to pair a fedora with a wardrobe filled with bright colors, you may want to look at an equally bright hat or choose a plain black fedora to offer some contrast. For a wardrobe of mostly neutrals, you may want to pick another neutral like black or brown for your fedora color. If you want to go bold, choose a bright fedora to add a unique pop of color.

At Hats Unlimited, we carry a whole gradient of black and brown fedoras so you can choose an option that best matches your or your recipient's style, skin tone and hair color. Choose from colors like black tweed, camel and gray for a fun gift or a way to spice up your wardrobe.

What Is the Purpose of a Fedora Hat?

Fedoras are mainly used for fashion, which is why they have become such as staple in American pop culture. Fedoras are often a shorthand for describing a type of character, such as a gangster or independent adventurer. The style is seen as cultured but also a bit rogue. It's little wonder the fedora's popularity has only increased over the years, as its distinctive look is unlike anything else. 

The fedora has become popular again in the 21st century. Men enjoy the style and comfort of a fedora, as well as its versatility and practicality. 

Why Order From Hats Unlimited? 

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