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Crushable Hats

Crushable hats are one of the key things people tend to look for when buying a new piece of headwear. It signals that a hat will be durable and stand a fair amount of abuse whilst still looking great after the deed is done. The important thing to note about the crushable designation is that most of the time it does not mean you can scrunch it into a ball and expect it to come out looking the way it did before without at least a little work. If it's fabric, it might have wrinkles, if its straw, it may have some creases. The good thing is that with just a little love, the hats that are listed as crushable can come back to their former glory with some steam and time. If you want to know how to steam a hat, our video guide will help you out.

All the hats listed on this page will definitely stand a fair amount of abuse, and are sure to make great travel hats.

About Crushable Hats

Crushable hats are characterized by their flexible materials and ease of storage — from the top of your shelf to the bottom of your luggage. The term "crushable hats" isn't a formal hat category. Instead, it's an umbrella term for hats comprised of material flexible and durable enough to retain its shape after being compressed or folded. 

Don't let the word "crushable" fool you — all of our crushable hats easily retain their normal shapes after being "crushed." These low-maintenance hats are perfect for traveling, vacations, outdoor activities and situations where you need to maximize your storage economy. Choose from an array of crushable outback hats, wool hats, straw hats and many other styles from the most trusted names in hat apparel, 
including Saint MartinJeanne SimmonsScala and more.

Our Collection

With crushable hats for traveling, you can store your hats in luggage, purses and backpacks without the risk of damaging their structure or permanently creasing the material. While extreme compression will leave some wrinkles or creases in most crushable hats, the hats can be restored to their original forms quickly and with minimal effort.
Our crushable hats are available in a wide range of styles, colors, sizes and materials. You can even find fedoras and Panama hats that are crushable. Choose from crushable hats in many popular styles, including:
  • Wool Felt Fedoras
  • Cotton Visor Hats
  • Cotton Caps
  • Wool Felt Outback Hats
  • Flexible Straw Sun Hats
  • Bucket Hats
  • Twill Hats
Enjoy the convenience of crushable hat types in the perfect size when you use our hat sizing guide. We give you all the information you need to pick the right hat for optimal comfort and functionality.

Why Choose a Crushable Hat?

Crushable hats are both convenient options for traveling and comfortable accessories you can take from day to night. Even if you like more structured looks, our inventory of crushable hats can accommodate your preferences. Our felt hat varieties like the Stingy Brim Milano Felt Fedora from Bigalli and the Safari Packable Breeze Hat from Henschel offer both additional structure and easy storage.
When you need hats that are still wearable after hours of tight storage, you need crushable hats from Hats Unlimited. We carry crushable men's and women's hats from a variety of top brands, including our popular Saint MartinSun N SandConner Hats and many more. If we don't have the specific hat you're looking for in our inventory, just let us know — we may be able to order it for you!

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