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Outback Style Hats



This versatile style makes a trendy addition to wardrobes everywhere! We carry a wide range of men's and women's outback hats, which are designed to provide excellent sun protection during long days outdoors. Outback hats make the perfect casual accessory for a day at the beach, an afternoon hike or simply day-to-day sun protection. Browse our selection of men's outback hats, women's outback hats and even outback hat options for kids.

About Outback Hats

Outback hats get their name from the style's Australian Outback origin. Sometimes called "Aussie hats," outback hats are characterized by their wide brims and slightly upturned sides. Many outback hats also feature drawstrings for added security and easy carrying when not in use. Most outback hats include a teardrop or "C" crown shape, but crown shapes vary by style.

At Hats Unlimited, we stock our inventory with a diverse range of outback hats with drawstrings and without — the choice is yours! Our men's and women's outback hats come in an extensive array of sizes, materials, shapes, and colors. We're positive that you can find an outback hat in our collection that suits your unique sense of style along with your sun protection needs.

Our Collection

We stock our shelves with high-quality outback hats from a wide range of trusted names in apparel. Our mission is to make sure you're beyond satisfied. That's why we offer an extensive collection of different materials, styles, and sizes. Whether you're looking for an outback hat with drawstrings for a full day's hike or simply a source of shade for gardening, you can find what you need at Hats Unlimited.

Our inventory features outback hats from brands including Saint Martin, Connor Hats, Scala, Kooringal, Elope Hats and many more. Choose from a sizing selection that you won't find at any other hat retailer — we believe that fit is the number one criteria for purchasing a hat. We offer comfortable sizes that won't budge or give you headaches.

Our men's and women's outback hats are available in straw, wool, leather, felt, twill and special sun-blocking fabrics, which come in dozens of unique styles.

Why Order From Hats Unlimited?

Outback hats are designed to become staple pieces of any casual or warm-weather wardrobe. Durable and versatile, outback hats provide the sun protection you need while offering maximum comfort. At Hats Unlimited, you can find the perfect hat to suit your needs for both functionality and style.

Our company is founded on putting customers first in every component of our business. Family-owned and operated, Hats Unlimited strives to provide customers like you with the best experience in hat shopping. If you find a particular hat you love that you don't see on our website, reach out to us — we'll see what we can do to have it in stock!