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Women's Sun Protection Hats

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Women's Sun Protection Hats

Sun protection is among the bigger concerns of today's consumers. Gone are the days of wearing baby oil and using foils to collect sun. Today's generation of baby boomers and young adults alike are being told by dermatologists that they need protection on their faces and one of the best ways to do that is by wearing a hat.

We receive constant inquiries on whether we carry hats to shield the sun's harmful rays to which we happily reply, we do! So for our sun lovers, our selection of women's sun protection hats on this page either provide UPF (Ultra-violet protective fabric) or have large tightly woven brims to give great sun protection. We also have great sun hats for 
kids and babies!

About Our Women's Sun Protection Hats

Whether you're planning a day at the beach or an afternoon of gardening, you need the proper sun protection to keep you safe from the effects of UV rays. Hats are essential components of sun protection, and Hats Unlimited carries a wide selection of stylish women's hats with UPF50. We offer an array of sun hats for women that protect from sun damage, help keep you cool and serve as chic accessories for your warm-weather wardrobe.

Our selection of women's sun protection hats ranges from easy-to-wear visors to beautiful floppy sun hats fit for an island getaway. We're always looking for ways to accommodate a diversity of styles and sizes so everyone can find the perfect hat for every sunny day. Browse our women's sun protection hats to learn more about the uses and UV protection factors of specific hats.

Our Collection of Women's Sun Hats With UV Protection

At Hats Unlimited, we've built our brand on meeting your unique needs when looking for a sun hat. Finding the right hat size is incredibly important, which is why we include an extensive range of sizes within our collection of women's sun protection hats. We carry sun hats for women in sizes SM up to XL and everything in between. Gone are the days of losing your hat in the breeze or suffering hat-induced headaches — we make it easy to find what fits.

We sell women's sun hats with UV protection by a variety of trusted names in the apparel industry, including California Hat Company, Scala, Sun N Sand, Jeanne Simmons, Saint Martin, Kenny K and many more. Choose from dozens of colors, styles and fits that suit your unique personality.

We also offer an extensive selection of women's hats with UPF50 — an advantage you won't want to pass up. Your skin's health is important to us, and we go above and beyond to stock our inventory with sun hats made from top-quality woven materials that provide maximum UV protection.

Why Order Sun Hats for Women From Hats Unlimited?

One benefit is our commitment to excellent customer service. We don't just stock our inventory with a wide selection of options from the nation's leading brands — we make sure our customers are happy with their products.

As a family-owned and operated business, we are dedicated to a customer-focused approach. Whenever you have a question about our shipping process, the UV protection factor of our hats or if we carry a particular type of hat you love — our team is here to help!

Take the next step in protecting yourself from the summer sun and buy the perfect women's sun protection hat today.