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Crushable Hats

Crushable hats are one of the key things people tend to look for when buying a new piece of headwear. It signals that a hat will be durable and stand a fair amount of abuse whilst still looking great after the deed is done. The important thing to note about the crushable designation is that most of the time it does not mean you can scrunch it into a ball and expect it to come out looking the way it did before without at least a little work. If it's fabric, it might have wrinkles, if its straw, it may have some creases. The good thing is that with just a little love, the hats that are listed as crushable can come back to their former glory with some steam and time. If you want to know how to steam a hat, our video guide will help you out.

All the hats listed on this page will definitely stand a fair amount of abuse, and are sure to make great travel hats.

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