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Best Women's Hats to Match Each Hairstyle

Hats of all kinds are a great accessory to go along with your favorite outfits. No matter the occasion, you can sport a trendy hat to fit your style. Finding the right fit for your aesthetic and hair type can up your fashion game.

Different hat types can enhance your hairstyle for a look that your family, friends and coworkers will admire. Depending on the length and texture of your hair, you can choose a hat that captures your current style or experiment with a trending look. Follow along with the upcoming tips to discover the best women's hairstyles for hats and how wide a selection of caps can fit your hair type.

Women's Hat Styles

Women's hats come in various shapes, sizes, colors and styles to fit any occasion. Your favorite hairstyles can pair with numerous hat styles. With a wide variety to choose from each day, you can even learn new ways to style your hair type to pull off different hats you have not tried before.

Common hat styles for women include:

  • Visors
  • Floppy hats
  • Baseball caps
  • Western and cowboy hats
  • Straw hats
  • Fedoras
  • Sun protection hats
  • Beanies and winter hats
  • Cloche hats
  • Berets

Best Hats for Curly Hair

Best Hats for Curly Hair

Curly hair looks gorgeous with a variety of hat styles. Those with short or long curly hair understand that the thickness of their hair can make finding the perfect hat a long experiment. Luckily, there are hats for every season that can make your curly hair stand out.

Winter Hats

During the winter months, keeping your head warm is essential. If you can braid your curly hair below the fabric of beanies, you can certainly try this style out as the temperatures drop. However, hats with loose tops and wide brims are the best choice if you have shorter curly hair. Rancher hats and loose-fitting fedoras can protect your curls from dry winter air and will not smoosh your hair down.

Summer Hats

Visors are excellent for curly hair because of the added room at the top. Since there is no cap to trap your hair, you can let your hair flow freely out of the top or put it into a bun, braid or ponytail. Visors provide unlimited options for styling during the summer. Straw cowboy hats also provide more room for curly hair to hang freely below the brim. The top of the hat is loose enough to fit thick hair so your natural curls can bask in the sun.

Hats for Any Season

Experimenting with hats that fit any season can be fun with curly hair. When shopping for the right cap for your curly hair, a good rule of thumb is to search for hats with loose or no tops and wide brims to let your curls breathe. Hats that fit these requirements for protecting curly hair from damage include cowboy or straw hats, Panama hats, flat visors and oversized floppy hats.

Best Hats for Short Hair

Short hairstyles work well with various hats for any occasion. Finding the style for different types of hats to fit your shorter cut can take some experimentation to discover which type frames your hair and face best.

Winter Hats

Those with short hair can benefit from investing in a good winter hat to protect their ears, neck and head from the chilly temperatures. Since short hair may not have the length to protect the skin against harsh winter winds, beanies are an excellent option for staying warm outdoors.

Women's winter knit beanies made of cotton and acrylic can provide an additional layer of soft material for your hair to rest inside or flow below the seam. Crochet trapper hats are also great for protecting your skin and hair from becoming dry from the winter winds.

Summer Hats

Short hairstyles look great with some of the most popular summer hat choices. One of the trendiest contenders for best summer caps is bucket hats. Bucket hats are popular for events that involve fishing, boating or spending a day at the beach. However, these styles have become more prevalent in casual settings. Bucket hats work great with short hair because of their downward brims that frame curly and straight strands.

Floppy hats also work with shorter hairstyles. Their tight caps and long brims protect your skin while showing off your natural hair. The top of the hat can push your hair down for additional length and allows the bottom inches to flow freely below the brim.

Hats for Any Season

For shorter hairstyles, hats with tighter caps and any brim size can accentuate the length of your curly, wavy or straight strands. With this style in mind, there are several options to fit short hairstyles, from pixie cuts to shoulder-length cuts.

Wool felt berets are a chic way to accessorize a classy outfit without needing to style your hair. Berets look great with straight or curly hair as the hat lays loosely on the crown of your head. If you have thicker hair, you can pin some strands inside the beret and let the rest hang below the seams to complete the look. No matter the occasion, berets and short hair are a stylish combo.

Fedoras are also great for showing off your hair length and pulling a classy outfit together. Whether attending a professional event or spending an evening dining out, fedoras are a fashionable choice for casual and formal outfits. The short lengths of the brims can frame your hair and face naturally without having your strands pushed down.

Hairstyles for Baseball Caps

Hairstyles for Baseball Caps

Whether you are a sports fan or enjoy wearing them for a typical day, women's baseball caps can create a comfy, athletic style for your outfit. Those with short or long straight hair have the easiest time wearing baseball caps. The tight caps around the head can trap hair along the sides, making thinner hair types perfect for this styling choice.

Since curly hair is thick on top and the sides, it can be challenging to style a baseball cap with this hair type without it sticking out of the cap. Luckily, most baseball caps come with an adjustable strap with a hole at the base of the back of the hat.

If you have thick curly hair, you can tie your hair half up in a ponytail or bun and feed this portion through the hole of the hat. The rest of the hair that remains should create thin enough layers to come out from the sides of the cap. This step allows you to wear baseball caps comfortably without getting too hot.

Hat hairstyles you can use with baseball caps include:

  • Low bun: Whether you have long or thick hair, you can put it all into a low bun at the base of your neck. You can leave a few strands to hang at the front of the hat to frame your face if you prefer.
  • Braids: Braiding styles make it easy to maintain your hair without needing to touch it for long periods. This option is excellent for long games, hikes or other fun summer activities where hair can often trap heat when not styled. You can put your hair in a ponytail and braid the rest through the hole in the back. You can also create two regular braids or fishtail braids on either side of your face.
  • Curling or straightening: If you prefer to wear your hair down when wearing a baseball cap but have thick hair, you can choose to straighten or curl your hair so it all fits underneath the cap. Start by straightening the hair at the top of your head so everything can rest inside the baseball cap without fluffing outwards. Then curl or straighten the hair that hangs below the cap to fit your styling preferences.

Hairstyles for Cowboy Hats

Western and cowboy hats are excellent for any hair type, length and texture. The top of the hat is loose enough to fit thick and curly hair, while the brim protects your face from the sun. Whether you work outside for long hours, enjoy a western aesthetic or are planning a night out on the town, cowboy hats are a great styling choice.

Since cowboy hats are loose, you can style your hair in numerous ways to create a fashionable look:

  • Braids: Complete the country look by accompanying a cowboy hat with braids. The classic two braids on either side of your head are always a popular choice when wearing cowboy hats. You can also collect your hair in a single side braid to lie against one of your shoulders.
  • Low ponytail: Cowboy hats sit low on the crown of your head, which means you cannot style your hair in a high bun or ponytail. Luckily, low ponytails are popular for those who wear cowboy hats regularly. You can tie your hair back to rest below the brim of a cowboy hat for a casual western look.
  • Let it flow: One of the great benefits of owning a cowboy hat is the free spirit that accompanies it. You can let your hair flow down in natural waves, curls or straight strands, and it will match the vibe of a cowboy hat. This option is perfect for short hair that might not fit into braids or a ponytail. Short hair works excellently with cowboy hats because the hair can curl up against the brims of the hat for a classic southern look or flow naturally from underneath the top.

Hairstyles for Beanies

Knitted beanies are a great winter accessory that remains stylish while keeping your head and ears warm. Adopting different hat hairstyles can even help add extra protection to your skin during the colder months. The cotton material of beanies pushes the hair down toward the neck so you can create comfy hairstyles. Here's how you can style your hair with a beanie:

  • Braids: For shorter hair that reaches the ears or neck, you can leave your hair down to protect your head from chilly winds or place the strands in two loose braids. You can also style the strands in two low pigtail buns that shield your ears from snow and cold breezes. For those with thicker curly hair, two braids that go past the ears also serve the same purpose while giving your outfit extra visual appeal.
  • Pigtails: Styling your hair in low pigtails below the seam of a beanie works great as makeshift earmuffs and creates an easy-to-replicate hairstyle. To achieve this look, let your hair down and put the beanie on how you would prefer to wear it. Split your hair into two sides and place the pieces into hairbands just below the seam. You can also create two low pigtail buns past your ears. This style works for straight, curly and long hair.
  • Loose strands: For long hair, letting your hair flow naturally from the seams of a beanie can create a comfy aesthetic for your winter outfit and protect your face from chilly winds. This option is easy to complete, and you can straighten or curl your hair as you see fit. To avoid thicker hair coming out of the sides of the seams, you can gather the hair at the top of your head into a low ponytail or bun and let the bottom half hang loosely.

Formal Hat and Hairstyle Combos

For formal events such as weddings, graduations, award ceremonies or fancy dinner parties, it is essential to top off your outfit with a hat that fits the occasion. Everyday selections may be nice for informal events, but luckily, women's formal hats can fit any nice outing and hairstyle.

Topper Hats

A classy victorian topper hat is a rare sighting. With lace, feathers and satin lining, you can adorn this hat and become the life of the party. These hats are great for dinner parties, reenactments or spicing up a victorian-era outfit. Since the style has a shorter cap and small brims, any hair type can fit a topper hat.

For shorter straight hair, styling the strands in a loose bun with pins can create a classy look to pull the whole piece together. For thicker curly hair, braids and loose curls give the hat some extra edge.


At any formal event, you can never go wrong wearing a fascinator hat. This classy style is perfect for weddings, fancy gatherings or visiting the derby and will leave your guests impressed with your attire. Lace fascinators come with feathers that sit lightly on top of the head using a headband. This design style makes it easy for all hair types to pull off this vintage hat.

For those with short hair, you can pin a few strands near the face toward the back of the head so the fascinator can frame your face. You can pin up long straight hair in a tight bun at the middle back of the head to create an elegant look. Those with curly, thick hair can pin half of their hair in the back and let the other strands flow freely so the fascinator can sit properly on top of the head without falling off.

Shop Women's Hats at Hats Unlimited

Shop Women's Hats at Hats Unlimited

Are you looking for stylish hats to fit your favorite hairstyles? Hats Unlimited has you covered. With dozens of styles to choose from, you can have a cap in your closet for any occasion. We are no stranger to formal, fun and casual events. You won't be either with our wide selection of colors, styles and sizes.

Shop styles from the world's top manufacturers today to find the right hat types for your unique hairstyles. Browse our selection of women's hats or call us at 888-997-4287 with any questions.

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