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Peter Grimm

Peter Grimm makes fun and sophisticated hats you can wear for all sorts of activities. From sporty to refined, the men's and women's hats available from Peter Grimm include plenty of versatile options that can complete your wardrobe. You will enjoy finding hats that stay in style and can keep up with your active lifestyle. When you invest in a Peter Grimm hat, you get something you can wear for many years to come. 

Started in 1989, Peter Grimm has been constantly staying ahead of the competition with bold, great-looking hats and caps. They combine excellent designs of fedoras, cowboy hats, ivy caps and more with nice patterns and quality materials. They have become a mainstay of our stores and are easily spotted with their trademark rabbit logo.

Peter Grimm enjoys telling the story of how the company started. When he left home, his father gave him a straw hat with a large brim, something Peter now describes as "goofy." He journeyed on to Southern California to make his fortune, and he began wearing his hat to the beach. Strangers approached him while he lounged near the water, asking him about his unique hat.

Peter eventually got in touch with the hat's manufacturer. They collaborated to create an updated design, and the Authentic California Lifeguard Hat was born. It quickly became a bestseller. 

What about the name? Peter's grandmother called him Peter, after the Peter Rabbit stories, and Grimm is his mother's maiden name. Now, the Peter Grimm name is known throughout the world, and everyone from rock stars to grocery workers share their devotion to these hats. The company prides itself on innovation and hard work. 

Types of Peter Grimm Hats Sold by Hats Unlimited

Peter Grimm sells a range of hats, which we are lucky enough to stock. Why do you want a new hat? Are you interested in something to complement your wardrobe style, or are you more concerned about sun protection? Peter Grimm hats have a variety of purposes and can fit seamlessly into any closet. Our many options include: 
  • Fedoras.
  • Cowboy hats.
  • Lifeguard hats.
Peter Grimm makes hats for men and women, so you can find something for anyone in our selection. If you want a distinctive hat that stands out, Peter Grimm hats will fit the bill.

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