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Hats Unlimited - Hat Stretcher and Maintainer

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The Hats Unlimited Hat Stretcher and Maintainer is the perfect tool to keep your quality hat in tip-top shape! Over time, the perspiration from your head as well as the humidity in the air can shrink your hat. This tool not only works to prevent that while you're not wearing your favorite hat, but also can stretch it back to it's former size and even slightly beyond if needed. As a side benefit, because it's made of wood, this tool will also absorb moisture from the sweatband it is place in, keeping your hat clean and ready to use for the next time.

The Small Stretcher works in the Small to Extra Large range.
The Large stretcher only features a slightly larger wooden block. If you are in the medium to 3X range this stretcher will work for you.

Each Hats Unlimited Hat Stretcher comes with the below guide included in the package.

How to stretch your hat:

Never wear a hat that’s too tight again!
Keep your hat in its proper shape when not being worn. It will also prevent future shrinkage during hat storage. The absorbent wood helps dry out the hat band after it is worn so the moisture does not leave an odor behind.

This Hat Maintainer will help:
-Stretch a hat (up to .75 inches)
-Maintain your hat for storage
-Keep your hat in its proper shape while not being worn
-Prevent odor and staining of your band

How to store and maintain your hat when unworn:
Place your hat upside down on table. Put Hat Maintainer inside hat with logo facing upwards towards the front or back of your hat. Twist black center metal handle counter-clockwise until the Hat Stretcher is snug inside hat. Make sure the wooden part is on the area where your head rests on the inside of hat band. Do not over-tighten the Hat Stretcher. Tighten it so it has a similar pressure to when you wear your hat.

How to stretch your hat to a larger size hat:
Follow the steps for how to store your hat first! Then use steam on the inside of the hat around the hat band area. Do not be worried to saturate the area, this will loosen the material to be ready to be stretched (you can use steam from a boiling pot of water, or an iron on a steam setting). Make sure the wooden part is on the area where your head rests on the inside of hat band. Slowly twist the center handle until the hat is at desired larger size. Leave Hat Stretcher overnight to stretch and by the next day your hat should fi t perfectly! Repeat this step if necessary to stretch to a larger size. Try small increments first!


Stretch your hat responsibly - Hats Unlimited is not responsible for damage from overstretching your hat.

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